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Last Update: Sunday July 25, 2021

Meet Bob Sakata, a farmer. He's living The American Dream.

Think for Yourself

Brighton, Colorado: In this episode of our show, we return to the farm to meet an inventor and one of America's biggest vegetable growers. His name is Bob Sakata and his life's journey, his cause, has been to lighten the load of the farm worker.  He is driven because he does not forget all the back-breaking work he did as a child. Here is a man with deep affections for life. He is naturally gracious and has a generous spirit.  His goal is to make work easier for the people he loves. And, he has.

Since his earliest days on the farm back in the 1940, Bob Sakata has invented many labor saving devices, many of which you will see in this episode.  Bob is an activist;  he loves farming.  On his 3200+ acres he grows some of the the sweetest corn on earth.

Bob lobbied for the repeal of the death tax; and in June 2003, the farmers of America won their day on Capitol Hill. Yet, in a very real way, we all won. Keeping open space, seeking alternatives to urban sprawl, requires us all to embrace the source of our food, the farmlands.

We call small business owners the New American Heroes because they are innovators, risk takers, and job generators.

A servant within his industry, Bob Sakata is President of the National Onion Association, former president of the National Sugarbeet Growers Association, a celebrated member of the Cooperative Extension Advisory Board at Colorado State University, a director or president of one of several irrigation ditch companies, a director of the Adams County Economic Development Board, a member of Colorado Food Safety Task Force, a local School Board president, an adviser to the USDA, and so much more.

Now, meet Bob Sakata, an American icon, the farmer.

Make your dreams a reality.  It takes tenacity and courage.  More on The American Dream.

Make a Perfect Product

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Bob Sakata grows some of the sweetest corn in the world.

Keep Improving

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Bob Sakata has been working on a farm since he was 10 years old.  While other kids were reading comic books, Bob was studying tractor magazines.

Think for Yourself

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Bob Sakata finds better ways to serve his employees and customers by watching, listening and thinking on his own.

Control the Supply Chain

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Bob Sakata said there are two reasons that he is a success today. First, he takes care of his employees and second, he delivers consistent product and service quality.

Lighten the Worker's Load

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Bob Sakata's mantra for 50 years has been, "lighten the load for the farm worker."

See the Good

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Bob Sakata depends upon optimism to guide him through difficult situations.

Give Bankers Spreadsheets

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Bob Sakata keeps his banker happy by providing financial statements.

Plan Out of Season

1:53 | Play Now

Host Hattie Bryant talks with John Wargo about preparing marketing materials months in advance.