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Last Update: Monday September 20, 2021

Made in Maine, Marketing to the World

Ask, "How do I find new customers."

Tony Correa answers, Target your marketing.

Along the Coast of Maine: There is a state of mind that is uniquely found in the State of Maine. There is more coastline in this state (3500 miles) than the entire West Coast of the USA. Here is the largest area in the country of unspoiled virgin forest (17 million acres). Over 90% of the 1M person population lives in the lowest one-third of the state. It takes nine hours to drive from Kittery to the northernmost region above Caribou.

The people here have become quite self-sufficient.

Summers are ever wistful... winter is always coming!  Autumn's spectacular, winters long and bone-chillingly cold, and a spring that predictably defines "mud season." It makes for a tenacious, resourceful personality that somehow enjoys the temperature of the ocean waters (so cold the lobsters are the sweetest on earth). People settle in and become "Mainers" and going "Down East" always means returning home.

In this episode of the show we meet eleven business owners who would rather live in Maine than anywhere else in the world. They are seasoned travelers who, after touring the world, decided to stay in Maine and make it their home and build their legacy.

Yet, these people see the world as their marketplace. They see beyond the horizon; they know no boundaries and no borders; the world's people are their family. Plus, every person in this episode is committed to their community. They are active in their local Chamber and they are driven to make their community and our world a better place.  
And, we know that we could go to every village, city and town in the world and find people like the people in this episode.  

Give More Than You Take

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Host Hattie Bryant says that when companies deliver value to customers, the profits will follow.

Be Willing to Serve

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The world their oyster for Glidden Point Oysters, a small business that provides unexpected quality and service.

Know Your Customers

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For Chef  Michael Gagné, there is no substitute for 100 percent homemade food and regular communications with customers he knows personally. In April 2008 Chef Gagné was named "2008 Chef of the Year" by Maine Restaurant Association.  Go to a homepage for this video...

Be Where Your Customers Are

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Gil Harper, founder of Weatherend heirloom-quality outdoor furniture, understands that you have to market according to the tastes and economics of your customers.

Get Customers to Talk

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Location, location, location plus fabulous food and friendly, warm service turned Harpswell Inn into a success.

Market on the Web

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Birds of a feather flock together and for lovers of fowl or the ruggedly beautiful Maine coast, the journey aboard the Hardy Boat begins on the Internet.

Treat Customers Like Family

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Perry Gates, an owner of Maine Gold, produces a fantastic maple syrup that is surpassed only by the sweet smell of success earned through a loyal customer following.

Take Calculated Risks

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For Karen and Michael Good, saying "yes" to customers is inseparable from the design and quality built into each piece of signature jewelry.

These are the quiet heroes. Many are new pioneers. They charter new waters and break new grounds. They all create unique products and services and sell them around the world. They are volunteers, the value creators, the movers, the shakers, the doers, and the lovers of life. We can learn a lot from these hardworking, decent folks.