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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021

What is leadership? What is the key to the future?

An Open LetterHow beliefs can be the antithesis of business.

Dear Sir:  I believe you fail to answer the question, "What is supreme?"  As a result, you are creating instability which is the antithesis of what is necessary to do business. 

In the value equations of business, the first principle is continuity. Where there is no continuity, business cannot thrive.

You were young once.  People called you Ali.  First names bring us back in time  where we can re-examine our every thought and decision.  And, I believe, if you are truly to have a role in the future of this little planet, you must examine those thoughts and decisions that contribute to your elitism and solipsism.  We all live in a small universe of beliefs, but most us are not the spiritual head of a nation and a people. 

What is truly supreme?  Is your Assembly of Experts?  Are you?  ...your teachers in Yazd? ...Qom? ...perhaps Allameh Tabatabaei? ...Mesbah Yazdi?

Intellectuals throughout the world need to study your writings and speeches to open a dialogue. However, are you open to dialogue?  Or, are you absolutely sure that you have the truth, the deepest understanding of  your holy book(s)?  More...

Small business is the spice of life.  Big business?  You tell us!

1.  Develop your character and charter.  Use these daily business tips.

Right here, right now:  Listen to the best practices of people who have started their  own business.  There are over 2000 video clips from Small Business School episodes  on PBS stations in the USA and on the Voice of America weekly since 1994.  More...

2.  Be an innovator.  Change an entire industry.  Have courage.

Do you have an idea for a business?  If so, let's get to work.  No holding back.  Let's get you ready to jump into the pool.  There are over 25 million business owners who have taken that flying leap. More...

3.  Having troubles?  Be tenacious.  Don't give up.  Get help.

Register.  Get involved.  We can help each other over the hurdles.  This site will become a huge WebEx-like application so you can help others and be helped.  So log in, get involved,  and do not fail.  More...

Wander around, explore, enjoy...   If you're a family business, click here. Our problems are shared. Please join us if you own a business.   More invitations...

All episodes have aired on PBS stations and the Voice of America including
NJN-TV (NYC, NJ, Phllly) 7 AM Sundays, KLVX-TV (Las Vegas) 7:30 PM Tues & Wed 
FRIDAY: City Channel 25, Milwaukee, 6 PM & 11:30 PM, and Saturday, 8:30 AM & 9:30 PM

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