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Take Calculated Risks

One of eleven business owners you meet in this epsiode

The Coast of Maine: For Karen and Michael Good, saying "yes" to customers is inseparable from the design and quality built into each piece of signature jewelry.

In this episode of the show, we meet eleven business owners who see the world as their marketplace. They see beyond the horizon; they know no boundaries and no borders; the world's people are their family.   They are seasoned travelers who, after touring the world, decided to stay in Maine and make it their home and build their legacy.

Every person in this episode is committed to their community. They are active in their local Chamber and they are driven to make their community and our world a better place.  
And, we could go to every village, city and town in the world and find people like the people you meet in this episode.  
These are the quiet heroes. Many are new pioneers. They charter new waters and break new grounds. They all create unique products and services and sell them around the world. They are volunteers, the value creators, the movers, the shakers, the doers, and the lovers of life. We can learn a lot from these hardworking, decent folks.

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1. Review the key ideas  within the episode,  Protect Your Priceless Data.
2. Intellectual Property is under attack from every quarter..
    There are eight key ideas to review, plus the home page.
3. Become an e-culture.   Develop these BICEPS today. Homepage...
4. Push Washington DC to become fiscally responsible. Today.
5.  Be free.  Be open.  Keep discovering new things to your dying day.

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Eight steps to protect your data and your business.

Meet Symantec, Art Wong
Step 1: Adopt
Suzanna Persa, Danceworks Studios, Redmond, Washington
Step 2: Prepare
David Perry, Global Director of Education, Trend Micro, Tokyo and California
Step 3: Protect
Robin Matlock, McAfee, Santa Clara, California
Step 4: Appoint
Protect Your Priceless Data
Step 5: Keep Out
Ron Busch, systems and security guru
Step 6: Inform
Lori Newman of Microsoft
Step 7: Update
Glen Bieley of Madison Park Greetings, Seattle
Step 8: Stand Up

1.  All these business owners have been selected by their communities.

2.  Since 1994 in the USA this weekly, half-hour television show has aired
     on PBS stations* and on the Voice of America around the world.

3.  These videos are in 40+ best-selling college textbooks for business.

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