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What has value? What is the meaning and value of life?

Help People Find Their Gifts

Ottumwa, Iowa: Meet Scott Mooney, the founder of Country Supply.  Scott nurtured over 450,000 customers throughout the USA and in several countries generating over $17 million in annual sales.  Since the taping of this episode of the show, Scott sold his company to a global business. He got that unexpected knock on the door and an offer he simply could not refuse.

There are thirteen key Ideas and videos within this episode.   Pictured above is one of Scott's customers.  He tells us in this video how he nurtures employees the same way he nurtures his customers.

This video has a transcript and case study guide online.  Click here now to have both along with the video.

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Videos of Best business practices

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Always strive to do a little better.

Good citizens like good employees challenge their leaders.  Ask questions. "How can our products be better?  How can we be better?"
Right, left or center... ask yourself, "What value have I created today?"
If you're not adding, you're subtracting.  What is your value quotient?   More...

Hattie Bryant introduces you to web veterans with good advice

Step 1: Get a website that you control.   More...
Key Question: How do keep good customers?
Meet successful early adopters of the web.   More...

Albert Black, On target Supplies & Logistics, Dallas, Texas

Step 2: Be very clear about your mission.
Key Question: How do I stay excited about life?
Hear Albert Black of Dallas discuss his vision. More...

Mark Gross, Oak Technologies

Step 3: Do your research.
Key Question: How do I know what to sell?
Meet Mark Gross, founder, Oak Technologies  More...

Orange Schroeder of Madison, WI

Step 4: Stay focused on your customers.
Key QuestionHow do I learn how to sell?
Meet Orange Schroeder of Madison  (WI) More...

Tom Gegax, co-founder, TiresPlus

Step 5: Be the place to work. Build your team.
Key Question: How do I build a big business?   More...
Meet Tom Gegax, co- founder, TiresPlus   More...

David Bowden of Transition Associates, Westerham, England

Step 6: Use systems for continuous learning.
Key Question: How do I keep customers coming back?   More...
Meet folks reaching for the edge of technology   More...

Brad Armstrong, investor in Blue Whale Moving

Step 7: Use the equity in your business.
Key Question: What is the Small Corporate Offering Registration?
Meet Brad Armstrong of Austin, Texas   More...


Step 8: Be a mentor, sponsor, advocate.
Key Question: How do I build a great reputation?
Meet Shiv Krishnan, founder, Indus    More...

Best business practices:  All the videos from this television show have
been on PBS stations in the USA and the Voice of America-TV, around the world.
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