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Food, the sustenance of life, comes in many shapes

The corndog was among the first on a stick

Duncanville, Texas: In this episode of the show we meet Wanda & Glenn Walser.  In 1976 Glenn started this business with a dream and a prayer. The rest is history, a miraculous story about how they created a new industry and then became the world's leaders within it.  This story is about automation, cost accounting, global business, personnel, and more. 

Getting fired from a job on principle has a long tradition in the USA. Many of us just have to work for ourselves. People often say, "I'm unemployable!  It is not that is has to be my way, but it does have to  the right way or the highway." And then, you know there are many of us who started our business to vindicate that belief; we needed to prove to ourselves that we were right.

Glenn was fired; he was too good. He had expertise as a mechanical engineer and he had an idea that everybody else said, "...can't be done." That was enough of a challenge for this man of vision and faith. With one investor who believed he could do it, he went about developing the first automated corndog system in the world.

Now, the Walsers have moved out of the passing lane to enjoy a little more of life as it is given while their nephew runs the company day-to-day.   All Key Ideas & Video...


Inventions stir economies


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Step 1Be willing to serve
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Step 4:   Refine a trend.
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Step 5: Control your supply chain
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Step 6: Market on the web.
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Step 7: Help Your Customers Succeed.
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Step 8:  Eat Dinner with Your Customers.
Key Question: How do I keep customers coming back?
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