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Last Update: Sunday February 23, 2020

A Time for Choosing

The Private Sector has limitations...

And those limitations are us.

Greed has so often  overcome common sense .  When does one say, "That's enough; It is time to give back and empower others."   At the pinnacle of the corruption of greed stands Bernie Madoff and it runs a wide swath all the way down to the little con artists who lie and do not deliver, and even a wider swath to those who over-promise and under-deliver. 

Change can and will happen.  Back in the early 1990's  Bill Gates was self absorbed.  But, Bill  said, "Enough is enough; it is time to give back.  It is time to empower others."  Today he is one of the most generous people on earth.

Politics is laced with corruption and greed.  There are many intellectuals who believe that Bill Clinton was a political genius who could do no wrong. They also believe that Ronald Reagan was a dummy and could do no right.  Though neither view is correct, in local, state and federal governments, it is true that power corrupts.  Examples are ever abundant.

The Passion and Vision for Freedom.  In 1964 Reagan opened his path to the presidency with this speech, A Time for Choosing .  The words are perhaps more relevant today than they were 45 years ago.  Though his stump speech for the campaign for the failed Goldwater campaign, it is a speech that needs to be studied, dissected, and understood for what is true. 

Today, we face choices.  For Reagan, it was no left or right, just up and down - fulfillment of our American ideals or surrender to fear, insecurity and domination.

It seems that the more things change in our frenetic politics, the more they stay the same.

Ronald Reagan's 1964 Speech has had 45 years of validation.