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Reflections on hostilies and tensions between the USA and so many of the teachers within Islam

An Open Letter* to Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in September 2006

Reflections over the past five years on 9/11 to address the question,
"How do beliefs, business and the advance of the sciences mix?"

Dear Sayyid:

I believe you have not answered the question, "What is supreme and why?"   As a result, you are creating instability which is the antithesis of what is necessary for cultures and businesses to survive and thrive.

You were young once.  People called you Ali.  First names bring us back in time.  We can re-examine our earliest thoughts and decisions.   I believe, if you are truly to have a positive role in the future of this little planet, you must examine those thoughts and decisions that contribute to any solipsism that you harbor.  We all live in small universes of belief, but most us are not the spiritual head of a nation and a people. [Note: I have done some research.  The references are in the column on the right].

What is truly supreme? Allah, of course. Yet, you are called the Supreme leader. So, how do you get to know and understand Allah? How did your teachers get to know Allah? Do you or they ever turn to your Assembly of Experts [1]?  ...your teachers in Yazd [2]?  ...Qom [3]?  ...perhaps Allameh Tabatabaei [4]? ...Mesbah Yazdi [5]?

The paths you choose are problematic.   The best thinkers within the world should study every one of your writings and speeches to attempt to open a dialogue. However, are you open to dialogue?  Or, are you absolutely sure that you have the deepest truths based on the very deepest understanding of your holy book(s)?

What do we learn as a child about life? First, it doesn't revolve around us.  It is much bigger.  And throughout our life, we attempt to learn just how big it is.  Second, we learn that the sun comes up in the morning.  There is a certain deep continuity to life.  The sciences evolved out of grasping that fact. 

Yet, even now with centuries of science and several millennium of mathematics, there are basic facts of life that most people, including Muslims, have not a clue.  Take, for example, the simple isosceles triangle.  Put four of them together and you have a tetrahedron, a most basic, three-dimensional structure in the universe.  We know very little about its internal structure, and even less about its internal octahedron.  Yet, throughout all of your holy places, basic geometries pervade the designs.

Ask anyone of your scholars, "What is the most simple structure within an octahedron?"  They will not have an easy answer.  Once they do have the answer, push them a bit.  Ask them about its meaning.  What about the hexagonal plates?  Do they see all the pentagonal cradles?  What about the perfect seven-sided object (aka Joshua's stone)? 

Now, there are very, very few within the Western cultures who can answer these questions as well.  And, even when they do, these people do not know what to do with the answers.  Simple geometries have been ignored since the 19th century's advance of calculus.

The answers here are not right or wrong. This is what is. It's foundational.  It goes beyond cultures and religions and even today's sciences.  It is the basis of our metaphorical thinking and constructions.  Within your traditions, it has a bearing on the unfolding within the Hazrat Panjetan-e-Pak [6]. 

I am disappointed that your scholars have not discovered this little key that could unlock new  wisdom. It is a very deep and magnificent well.  But, instead, what do we find there in Iran?  You have encouraged your people to adopt and further develop technology within a Western-mental construct. The technologies you are developing in Darkhovin [7] are all Western based and go back to old ideas in physics from the 1930s and 1940s. 

Why not lead the West by understanding science and technology even more profoundly?  How difficult would it be to see chemical bonding in a new light?  Given, as a global people, we have had this dark spot of ignorance holding us back, who better to help us break through than those who have had such a profound respect for sacred geometries for centuries (al-Biruni [8] and  Ibn Sina  (Avicenna) [9].

Yet, we all  have an ignorance, not even a simple working knowledge, of what is

Go back to those four hexagonal plates that cross through the center point of the octahedron.  Look closely at the pentagonal cradles necessarily interlocking those hexagonal plates and you could begin to see the basis of chemical bonding in new ways.  How grateful would the world be if there were new technologies that inexpensively opened a path for bonding two parts hydrogen and one-part oxygen to give us a new and virtually endless source for pure water?  How grateful would the world be to have scientists, who see even more deeply inside and begin to grasp the very nature of the functional unification of basic energies, including gravity?

I believe those centerpoints of the octahedra within octahedra are a modulus of transformation, and that even deeper insights will be opened for all of us to begin to understand, truly understand, the mysteries and the very nature of life

My summaries [I] and [II]  of these findings are still very young.    And, there is a long way to go.   Also, I am getting older now, and the young must see into these things and open this well to new wisdom. Notwithstanding, I have attempted to address our understanding of the Supreme in a very basic way.  Historically, scholars have tried to understand the very nature of the Omniscient-Omnipotent-and- Omnipresent.  Those are big words and concepts.  I have approached it by simply trying to understand the nature of a perfected state within space and time.  It renders a very simple value equation for business, for ethics, and for life

Hostilities, anger, and contempt are the antithesis of that value equation, the antithesis of a foundation for business, and the antithesis of belief in the Supreme.

My prayer for you and your country is that a deeper wisdom, an integrative understanding of life, be opened to you, and words of reconciliation are lifted up as your modus operandi for a new day and a new world.

Most sincerely,

Bruce Camber

CEO & Executive Producer
Small Business School, Inc.
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For our web visitors, here is further research

1.  Study each of  the references in the right column.

2. A useful guide to Islam's understanding of the Qur'anic verses which explicitly reference a prophet (nabi), a messenger (rasul) or a leader (imam) within the  Abrahamic traditions.


This letter was first delivered by physical mail in 2006.  It has since been sent as email several times, yet at no time has there been a response.  If and when there is some kind of response, we will post it here.  -BEC


References for this letter

Most every link goes to a discussion page within Wikipedia.  These discussions are all negotiated by many historical points of view and the links will not arbitrarily be changed.  

We begin with the Wiki discussion about Ali Khamenei.

[1]  The Assembly of Experts:  Iran's 86 experts, Mujtahis, or Islamic scholars, who are charged with selecting (and even removing) the Supreme Leader of Iran.

[2]  Yazd: The childhood home of Ali Khamenei with its great buildings and architecturethe birthplace of Zoroastrianism.

[3]   Qom: The city, just an hour's drive south of Tehran, is largest center for Shi'a scholarship and theological studies in the world.

[4] Seyyed Muhammad Husayn Tabatabaei:  He was one of the most prominent scholars among theologians and philosopher within contemporary Shia Islam

He died in 1981.

[5] Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi:  Born in Yazd in 1934, he is part of the largest group of Shi'a Muslims known as the Twelvers. This Shi'a cleric and politician is widely seen as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's spiritual adviser. He is also a member of Iran's Assembly of Experts.

[6}  Hazrat Panjetan-e-Pak: Here are the five pillars that are the foundation of Islam

[7]  Darkhovin: The continuation of the project started by the Shah of  Iran with the help of the the USA's Atoms for Peace program which brought the first 5 megawatt nuclear research reactor online in 1967 using high-enriched uranium.

[8]  Abu Rayhan Muhammad ibn Ahmad Biruni (or Alberuni or Al Beruni): He was one of the earliest exponents of the experimental scientific method, particularly in mechanics. Said by many to be one of the greatest scientific minds of history, we are researching to see if he knew what the simple internal structure of the octahedron is.  

To that end, we have been studying as much as we can about Islamic/Arabic geometries.

[9] Ibn Sina  (Avicenna):  A mathematician, physicist, philosopher, he is regarded by many as the founder of modern medicine because he introduced systematic experimentation, random clinic tests, efficacy tests snd so much more.

[I] is a page about very simple first principles for science, theology, and business.

[II] is a page about that applies those simple principles to the Abrahamic faiths and atheism.