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We all remember where we were on September 11, 2001.

Prepare for the worst

New York City:  They lived through 9/11 in Manhattan. They saw it all happen. About half way through this particular video, Eric Goshow reflects on being an architect and about that day:

ERIC: Nancy and I have been privileged to practice architecture here in New York City these past 25 years.

"You look around the buildings that we are surrounded by – it's really extraordinary. The Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, New York Life, Metropolitan Life, the Flatiron Building, all of this great architecture.

"We then look downtown and we are faced every day of our lives with the fact that those two wonderful towers that used to be there are just no longer there --   and for us we see that every single day -- it's really hard.

"What we are doing as architects in this city is that we are looking for a universal language that can bring us all together and create a better world for us to live in.

"And I think that occurs through the dialog and the inclusivity and the various points of view that are brought together here in New York and in our office too – we are very proud of that and proud to be part of that dialog.

"Seems to us that that openness – that inclusivity – is really the characteristic of American life and we will add our words to that notion as we go through  rebuilding downtown."

More about the Goshow Architects...

Friday is September 11, 2009.  How can we stop the madness?

by Bruce Camber, CEO, Executive Producer, Small Business School, Inc.

United Airlines Flight 175 had just slammed into the second tower when Hattie asked, "What can we do?"  All we could do in  the safety of our home in San Diego was pray.  And, we did.  We prayed.  And, we wept for all those people and their families.  When the buildings came down, it  was just too horrific to take in. 

I said to Hattie, "We'll be living out our life in the shadow of this day. The insanity  that caused this to happen is demonic..."

We began learning names.  Osama bin Laden. Khaled Shaikh Mohammed,  We began learning history.  We began learning about a different kind of religious fundamentalism.  Here the satanic verses came alive.  Here we discovered, hiding behind their foil,  the real "Great Satan" appeared.   It was their sequel to taking the embassy in 1979 in Tehran,  bombing of the Beirut embassy in 1983,  their first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993,  the 2000 bombing the USS Cole... 

Truly this was the demonic in action.  Hate had been working overtime and now the rest of us were  finally beginning to wake up.   Barack Obama may think he can be coax us asleep again.  I suspect not.

We went to war.  Not long thereafter, I said, "George Bush needs to open a second and third front on this war."

The second front.  I said in emails to several of my friends who were leaders among theologians, "He (George W Bush) needs to call on every gifted theologian to engage the Koran and rebuke whatever theology of violence they find.  One on one, we should make known the email addresses of every intellectual leader for this violence and we should take them on." 

The systematic and philosophical, and otherwise scholarly, theologians have been virtually quiet.

No second front has been opened.

The third front: Small Business.  From a town hall meeting with Hector Barreto of the SBA and Don Evans, the head of the US Department of Commerce,*  I called on the president to open a third front.  A small business front --  "Empower us to start businesses everywhere by going global."

No third front was opened.  Yet, informally, thousands of small businesses made it a point to try to build bridges.  People from all sides of this very complex equation have emerged.

Every year as we approach September 11, we ask just one more time, "What can we do to stop this madness?"  Perhaps we need to do new episodes of the show about people who have.   We certainly welcome your thoughts, comments, and ideas.

* This link, The third front,  opens in a separate window: This page is on the old website from 2005.

Reflections over the years on 9/11

Most every year Bruce Camber, the CEO of Small Business School (and who with Hattie Bryant started this television production), reflects on 9/11.