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There Are Eight Steps In Life And In Business

Get Some Cool

Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City: This story begins like so many  stories, one person goes out selling. Her name is Anne McGilvray and she sold holiday cards. She became as a manufacturer's rep and grew her business to $2M in annual revenues. She then invited her husband, Michael, to join her.

Anne knows how to pick products that capture our lighter side, spark our imaginations, and make us smile; Michael controls the magic of technology that transformed this Mom-and-Pop shop into a $60M per-year major distribution channel to over 60,000 retail chains.  We discover two very talented people who find and work with creative, talented people. Spend some time with this episode of the show and you'll learn what it takes to have the magic touch.

When we meet her technology wizard, her husband, Michael McGilvary, he is quite playful. However, Mike's goal is to be as close to a paperless back-office "as practical." And obviously, they train their people well; you will meet grandmothers who use some of the most sophisticated wide-area networking technologies that exist today.

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Step 1Know yourself. Capitalize on you.
Key Question: How do I get started in business?
Meet Greg Steckler in Bend, Oregon  More...

Step 2: Knock on Doors
Key Question: How do I get my first sale?
Meet Ken Duncan in Sydney   More...

Step 3: Be your Market
Key Question:  How do I know what to sell?
Meet the founders of Wahoo's Fish Tacos    More...

Step 4: Do What Others Aren't Doing
Key Question: How do I spot an opportunity?
Meet Bill Malleris in Naperville (IL)   More..


Step 5: Develop Multiple Sales Channels
Key Question:   How do I find new customers?
Meet the Nicole Miller NYC team in La Jolla   More...

Step 6: Market on the web
Key Question: How do I increase profits?
Meet the Hardy Boat people   More...

Don Davis, Travelers Insurance

Step 7:  Invest in Your Profession
Key Question: How do I stay excited about life?
The Community Insurance family, Chicago   More...

Step 8:  Eat Dinner with Your Customers
Key Question: How do I keep customers coming back?
Meet the Opici family of Glen Rock, NJ   More...

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