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Last Update: Sunday July 25, 2021

Broadcasts from other time zones during the 20st 1800 Prime Time

The 16th Hour  in the 21st Time Zone.  Even though this time zone includes Canada and Denver and part of Mexico,  we know this time zone is among those with the fewest countries  and it can share some of its Prime Time with other nations with an abundance of population, particularly the 8th, 7th, 6th and 5th.

The key question is, "When it is 6 PM in the 20th, where is it in 7AM?  This attempt to balance air times between the times with the fewest countries  and those with the most is in its earliest stages of development.

The 0800th Hour (8 AM) in the 8th Time Zone.  Though there are only eleven countries that share this time zone, it is a major population area on earth and in time, many of these countries will have an abundance of stories.  The  abundance will be run in this hour. The 8th time zone includes Russia, India, and Pakistan.

The 0900 Hour 9 AM) in the 7th Time Zone.   Within seven countries in the 7th time zone, many stories from these countries can be run in this morning slot given the abundance of populations.  The most western part of China, although on China's single time zone (the 5th), will have stories that run here..

The 1000 Hour (10 AM) in the 6th Time Zone.   There are  six highly-populated countries in this time zone, and some of their stories may be run during the 22nd time zone Prime Time Hour.  The 6th time zone includes Russia, Vietnam Kaos, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia.  However, it also include large population centers in China that are officially in the 5th time zone..

The 01100 Hour (11 AM) in the 5th Time Zone.  There are 10 countries in tbe 5th Time Zone and it is the most populated time zone on earth.  Sme of the stories from these countries will also be run when it is 6 PM or 1800 hours in the 20th Time Zone.