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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Broadcasts from other time zones to be incuded within the 15th at its 1800 Prime Time

The 16th Hour  in the 15th Time Zone.  At the time of this writing, it appears that this time zone is the least populated on earth.  Of all the time zones with small populations of people, the 24th time zones appears to be the most sparsely populated. 

In every time zone where the population is less than 1 million people, stories from the most populated time zones will be aired. 

The balancing of airtime is in its earliest stages of development.

The 20th Hour (8 PM) in the 13th Time Zone.  There are twenty countries in this time zone and many of the countries stories will be run in this hour. With Iceland in the north, the United Kingdom including Togo and Ghana.

The 21st Hour (9 PM) in the 12th Time Zone.   There are 36 countries in this time zone, and stories from these countries will be run within the 15th time zone's  Prime Time hour which is when it is  o 6 Pr 1800M.  From Norway, to Italy, France, including Algeria and to  Chad, Angola, and Namibia.  This time zones has the more countries within it than any other time zone.

The 22th Hour (10 PM) in the 11th Time Zone.   There are 26 countries in this time zone, and stories from these countries will be run during the 15th time zone Prime Time Hour.  The 11th time zone begins with Finland in the north, includes Greece and Turkey, and Israel, as well as Libya, Egypt,  and South Africa in the south.

The 23rd Hour (11 PM) in the 10th Time Zone.  There are 18 countries in tbe 10th Time Zone and some of the stories from these countries will also be run when it is 6 PM or 1800 hours in the 15th Time Zone.