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Last Update: Saturday September 25, 2021

INDUS - Thriving on Diversity and Mentoring

Proud to be an American

Shiv Krishnan, Indus

Washington, DC: We all can learn a lot from Shiv Krishnan. He arrived here from Madras, India in 1979, and in 1991 he started INDUS which has emerged as an information technology leader, especially in database management, data warehousing, data mining, security, dynamic web development and, of course, Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The company has 500 employees and many clients including the US Department of Transportation.

We see this story over and over again on this show. They come to America with nothing; they get jobs, and save money to invest in starting a business. Then, they go for it. Their safety net is the knowledge and confidence that they can always go back and get another job. It is not easy... but that's America.
They put all their resources and all their dreams on the table just to create this special something, "my business." With sacrifice and struggle, all things are possible.
The USA is a beacon to the world to adopt an entrepreneurial vision. Starting a business is part of our rich heritage. We meet a person who is open to learning from everyone and he empowers that same attitude among his employees, his suppliers, and his customers. He mentors people and he is always open to being mentored.  INDUS is part of SAIC's Mentor-Protégé program which has helped it to grow in the right direction. 

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About The Stars of this Television Show

The people who appear on this television show have been recommended by their community for their integrity and by theiir industry for their creativity and courage. Our national sponsors -- from IBM, USPS, Verizon, Microsoft, D&B, Travelers, Business Week, and many others -- have paid for everything. Nobody can pay or has ever paid to be on this television show.

Welcome to a place to be inspired just to do it a little better.

Go for the Impossible

2:07 | Play Now | Shiv Krishnan always dreamed big and today he has what most of us consider a big company.  It didn't happen overnight; he started on his own. Now he has over 500 employees and the biggest customer in the world.

Be Willing to Start Small

3:04 | Play Now | Founder Shiv Krishnan started his company knowing that he was selling brain power.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

2:59 | Play Now | Shiv coupled his engineering and technology skills to solve problems  left unsolved.  Named after a special place in India, INDUS combines the first three letters of his birth country with the abbreviation of his adopted country.

Find the Good

5:03 | Play Now | The founder sets the tone at INDUS and he expects plenty of laughter.

Find and Depend Upon Mentors

3:50 | Play Now | INDUS has a formal mentor-protege relationship with SAIC.

Mentor Others

1:07 | Play Now | Just as you need a mentor, you need to establish mentoring relationships within your own business and consider mentoring outside of the business as part of your community service. More...

Be a People Person

1:19 | Play Now | The employees at INDUS say it is a great place to work.

Demonstrate That You Are Bankable

2:11 | Play Now | Shiv Krishnan was able to found INDUS without financing but he needed a banking relationship to grow his company.

Create a Worry-Free Workplace

1:48 | Play Now | Mike Mullen was an INDUS first hire and today he is VP of Strategic Development.  He says that establishing a worry-free environment for employees optimizes their ability to deploy successfully.

Make Sure Your Spouse is Cheering

0:46 | Play Now | Shiv Krishnan could not have succeeded without the 100% level of support provided by Meena. She believed in her husband’s dream because she believed in him.