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You have a purpose. You have talents and gifts.

Ask, "How do I find new customers."

George Hill answers, Become a Magnet for Talent

Detroit, Michigan:   A real chemistry lesson  is to learn how George Hill and Arnold Joseff turned rust into riches using the basic elements of friendship, innovation, and a dream for making their community and the world a better place.

Founded in 1971 in a riot-torn and rundown part of Detroit, today, Diversified Chemical Technologies, Inc. is a holding company for four subsidiaries, employs 200+ people and generates over $70 million in annual sales.

The earliest chemistry in this story is a very personal one. George and Arnold, friends since high school, began with a vision and transformed it into a set of businesses that produces sealants, adhesives, and products and parts from recycled rubber and other composites; one of their businesses also distributes paper products.

In this seemingly disjointed amalgamation of ventures lies a cohesiveness of principles and values that firmly adheres customers, suppliers, employees and the community to this homegrown business.

This is a story about good things happening to good people, yet in this episode we learn that there’s no alchemy in Diversified Chemical’s success. Rather, it is the right mix of ingredients -- attention to details, adherence to rules and procedures and exacting standards, fiscal responsibility, personal accountability, and an investment in their people and community -- that produce results that consistently meet their customer’s expectations and exceed their customer’s requirements.

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Cowgirl Enterprises: Just Do it! Take charge. Steps 1 and 2 Be mission driven.
Key Question: Does your mission statement guide everyone?
Meet Donna Baase, founder, Cowgirl Enterprises More
Mark Gross, Oak Technologies

Step 3 and 4 Listen to the marketplace
Key Question: How do I know what to sell?
Meet Mark Gross, founder, Oak Technologies     More

A key stop on Boston Duck Tours. Mary Dyer who Andy Wilson, founder, admires profoundly. He said, The birth of religious freedom in the world starts here.

Step 5: Make more than money. Make an impact.
Key Question:   How do I stay excited about life?
Meet Andy Wilson, founder, Boston Duck Tours   More

Dina Opici, Opici Wines, Glen Rock, New Jersey

Step 6: Eat Dinner with Your Customers.
Key Question: How do I keep customers coming back?
Meet the Opici family of Glen Rock, NJ    More

The Souto brothers of Cafe Pilon and Rowland Roasters, Miami

Step 7:  Keep dreaming.  
Key Question: What are you dreaming about?
Meet Enrique, Jose and Angel Souto of Cafe Pilon  More.

Ziba Design, Portland Oregon, Sohrab Vossoughi with Hattie Bryant Step 8:  Turn Great Employees into Owners
Key Question: How do I keep employees productive?
Meet Zohrab Vossoughi, founder, Ziba Design   More

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