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Last Update: Friday September 17, 2021

Ken says to follow your heart. Listen to your dreams.

Reach beyond today's perfections in life

Siesta Beach, Florida, a picture from America Wide: In God We Trust

Sydney, Australia:   Meet a man whose goal in life is to capture perfect moments and translate them into some of the most beautiful photography you'll ever see.

He carved out a niche by automating his art. Meet Ken Duncan; he truly sees the magnificence of all of creation around us and he would like us all to stop  and take it in.  Art is life, and art has staying power.  Perhaps if we do, we might also make our business as a work of art as well.

If you want to create a great business, focus on perfecting the products and services. In the struggle to make the processes just a little better, you will be creating something of even greater value. You can do it. Yes, you can.  And, as you do, you'll make our world a better place.   Ken should inspire you on your way.

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Get Up Early

5:03 | Play Now | Ken Duncan says that there is no substitute for long hours. Often he heads out to take pictures before the sun comes up. Here he was leaving an early session on the Sydney Harbor.

Control Your Processes

3:19 | Play Now | Ken Duncan tired of trusting others with his art. He decided to invest big bucks in the technology and machines needed to take his work from the camera to the customer.


Deliver Quality

2:04 | Play Now | Ken Duncan is old enough to remember when he did everything by hand. He is smart enough to look for and purchase the technology he needed to deliver quality over and over and over without having to do anything by hand after he had snapped the picture. This is just one of his best-selling books.

Follow Your Heart

5:29 | Play Now | To realize his dream of taking super-wide pictures, Ken Duncan gave up a big money-making opportunity with New York City talent agencies.

Do It Your Way

1:45 | Play Now | Ken walked away from large contracts through New York City agencies. He had to follow his own path, do his own thing, and answer to a higher calling.

Knock On Doors

2:04 | Play Now | Nothing happens until something's sold. Period. Business is about creating and maintaining customers and that means plenty of people have to give you money for the product or service you offer. Ken wasn't afraid to sell his photos by going from door to door.

Take A Risk

3:16 | Play Now | If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep having what you're having. Maybe you have read this cliche many times but we don't mind repeating it here. You have to step out and try new things to grow a business that will endure for decades. To see the entire photo...

Keep Stretching

1:20 | Play Now | This is a print as it came off the press. You can see that it is in motion as it is in the hands of the operator. He and Ken Duncan looked at it carefully and decided it was perfect and ready to be mounted and framed for sale in one of their galleries.