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Last Update: Saturday September 25, 2021

A sampling of some of the videos from the Great State of Texas

Overviews of of a few of the  businesses

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Albert Black of On Target

Dallas: You'll hear some of the most innovative human resource strategies from one of the most articulate people we know. And, you won't believe his results!

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Gary Salomon of Fast Signs

Carrollton, Texas: This business began on the back of a paper napkin around a discussion over breakfast. That was 1985.  Today his company, FastSigns, is America’s leading sign company with over 500 locations worldwide.

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AMCI with Anne & Michael McGilvray

Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City: This story begins like so many  stories, one person goes out selling. Her name is Anne McGilvray and she sold holiday cards. She became as a manufacturer's rep and grew her business to $2M in annual revenues. She then invited her husband, Michael, to join her.

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Automated Food Systems invented an industry.

Duncanville, Texas:   Meet Glenn Walser. He had an idea for a machine to automate labor-intense processes, but most people just laughed at him.   With one investor, he developed the first automated corndog system int the world.

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Marc Katz loves Austin.

Austin, Texas: Meet the man who believes corned beef is a food group and has brought more than great eating to the music scene on 6th Street at Rio Grande. Learn how this one-man-marketing band rings up millions in revenues from one location that brims with excitement.

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The winners of the Baldrige Quality Award - Twice!

Dallas, Texas: Dale Crownover took Texas Nameplate from being just another print shop to become the first small business to be given the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. You will find their nameplates are on virtually everything.

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Texas Demographics

Est. Population: 22,859,968 (US Census)
Est. Small Businesses: Around 1.9M
Our Targeted Viewers: 1M per week
Targeted online profiles: 100,000 owners
Targeted TV profiles: 10,000 owners.

Out of the all the people in Texas, Small Business School seeks to have no less than 600K viewers per week. We will focus on identifying no less than 10,000 outstanding small business owners attempt to empower productions that profile as many as 1000 each year.

This show only considers those businesses that have been recommended from within their communities. Though this selection criteria is our guideline, we rely mostly on the small business advocates listed on these pages .

Grow Your Own Leadership, On Target, Dallas

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Albert Black has developed his own team. In the beginning, he didn't have money to hire people with loads of experience. So, Albert hired people who he believed he could turn into leaders.

Put Systems In Place, FastSigns, Carrollton

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Founder Gary Salomon opened one location and ran it himself to establish all of the systems and procedures needed to insure that a franchise owner could achieve success.

Duplicate Yourself,  AMCI, Dallas

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Anne McGlivray started hiring people because she wanted to share the fun and profits she discovered as a manufacturer's representative.

Apply A Proven Idea,  Automated Foods, Duncanville

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Glenn lost his job and he needed to figure out how to make a living.

Develop Multiple Revenue Streams, Katz Deli, Austin

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Marc Katz started his business with a focus on food that's evolved into a series of complementary operations that define the total Katz's experience for customers.

Listen to Young Team Members

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The owners welcome ideas for improving their business from all employees and there is a process in place to recognize such contributions.

Start Small

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You can start a business on a wing and a prayer and if you start small enough you can shield yourself  from major disappointment or financial loss.

Study Your Trends, Texoma Lawn, Vernon

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Chris Schatte and his wife Joni own Texoma Lawn and Garden and use financial management software to watch their trends.

Sell, Sell, Sell,  Texas Jet,  Fort Worth

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Owner of Texas Jet, Reed Pigman, sells with service.

Attract A Courageous Team, XTO Energy, Fort Worth

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Bob Simpson and his partner were thrown out of a company they had worked to grow.  They took what they had learned and today they are worth millions.