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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Altoon+Porter uses brain power, not star power

Go Global

Los Angeles, Shanghai,  Amsterdam:  Ron Altoon and Jim Porter have proven that the world wants the deep ingenuity that comes from the USA.

Yet, before you even try to go global, consider their advice:
1.  Do your homework before you get on the airplane.
2.  Bring  products and services they can't find locally.
3.  Establish local strategic alliances.
4.  Deliver on your promises.

Ron and Jim worked for Frank Gehry and found that it had limits. So, these two architects  started their own firm, Altoon+Porter, and today they are literally changing the world.

They do not try to cultivate "star power" but brain power. The result is that this  professional practice went global virtually overnight. Brain power translates into extraordinary product power in any language!

Every customer and every architect is a star. Keep your egos in check.  Focus on customers and  growing your team. The result?  This firm now has ongoing work in 16 countries with more international work on the drawing boards for the future.

Like so many of our businesses that go global, they have proving that the world does want American products and services!

The partners at Altoon+Porter are 21st Century leaders.

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Lay the Groundwork

3:15 | Play Now | Starting and growing a business is not for the weak or the uninformed.  To prepare, Ron Altoon and Jim Porter did their homework before they opened their architectural firm.  This is Ron Altoon.

Learn What Not To Do

2:04 | Play Now | Ron Altoon and Jim Porter both worked in the firm of Frank Gehry who may be the most famous living American architect. This is Jim Porter.

Use A Team Approach

1:16 | Play Now | Rather than sell an individual star performer to their clients, Ron Altoon and Jim Porter sell the idea that the customer's project always takes center stage.

Organize To Inspire

1:50 | Play Now | Leave it to a couple of architects to think of their company as a three-legged stool.

Build On Referrals

1:36 | Play Now | If you do not get referrals from current customers, there is something very wrong with your product or service. 


1:40 | Play Now | Ron is one of the past presidents of the American Institute of Architects.

Produce Quality

1:40 | Play Now | Delivering quality as defined by its customers is the only way small companies can compete against both the big guys and the new kids on the block.

Force Change

2:11 | Play Now | Ron Altoon and Jim Porter tell Hattie that it is harder to build a business than a building.

Deliver 24 X 7

2:28 | Play Now | Ron's timing was perfect in the Fall of 1998 to turn his firm toward international work. With the Internet, customers can be served around the clock.

Recognize That You Need Others

2:25 | Play Now |   Talented people can quit working for you and go someplace else, therefore, a  leader must win the hearts and minds of employees. Meet partner Carl Meyer.