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Are you a leader? What are your best qualities?

Listen to the Next Generation

Princeton, Minnesota:  Visit a heavy metal shop where making it in America means making huge metal parts for trucks, tractors, and heavy equipment.

In this video, you will meet two generations of the Glenn family and take a quick walk around their business, Glenn Metalcraft.  Pictured here is the grandson of the founder and today's CEO of the business, Joe Glenn.  You'll also meet Joe's spirited Mom, Ginger. 

In 1983 Ginger and Dennis Glenn formally bought the business from Joe's granfather who started it all in 1945. However, when Dennis died 2005, there was a huge sense of loss and both of them at times felt quite alone without their favorite friend and strong hand.

But, Joe has squarely picked up the reigns.  He has analyzed both the local and the global competition, he's made some straegic decisions, and the company has narrowed its focus and it has flourished in tough times.

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Key Question
:   How do we prepare the next generation?

Plan your Work, Work your Plan: What is your leadership style? How do you impart meaning to your waking moments? Do you allow others to move time along for you? How much television do you watch?  Do you ask questions?  Are you a listener? Do you have
a five-year plan?   ...a thirty-year plan?
   There is always more...

John Hawkins, Cloud 9, San Diego

Product development: 250+ videos

Meet John Hawkins and others: If you want staying power, you will need a very strong business model.
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Key Idea:  Define your business model
Key Question: How do I grow my business?


The People Part: 280+ video cases

Meet veteran Joe Fergus, founder, COMtek.  You'll also hear others who agree, "... offer the kind of work that people are interested in doing."  Simple.  Perhaps profound. More...
Key Idea: Offer fascinating work.
Key Question: How do I attract and keep great people?


Money & Finance: Over 120 videos

Meet Brian Kissel, founder, Paraform, Inc.  We repeatedly hear, "The money is out there."   More...
Key Idea: Find the right investors
Key Question: Where do I find investors?


Management: Over 430 videos

Meet Howard Kent, Ironbound, Newark, NJ: He said,  "Stick to your knitting." That is, there are riches in niches. Focus, focus, focus.   These are words of wisdom.    More...
Key Idea: Be boring and rich
Key Question: What products do I make or sell?

Best business practices: Videos from this television show

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