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Austin, Texas:   Here is a study of the American dream.  It isn't always perfect, but it works and works well. It is about people like David Arnold who started selling watches on weekends to supplement his income.

David Arnold was a high school coach. The trunk of the family car was always filled with samples. He and his wife would go just about anywhere in Texas to find a new drugstore to carry his brand of time. When we taped this story, David had 65 employees and $50 million in annual sales. To create this American dream story, David did a lot of things right.

First, he took the leap; he sharpened his focus; and he made his avocation his vocation.  Then, he was always shooting for a slightly better way. Because he knew that he would set his sites on highest levels of achievement; he named this new business, The King Company.

Next, he focused on his team. Team players. And his weight-lifting center was only a metaphor for his goal of building the strengths of each person on that team. David then focused on getting people on base. Know your stuff! And, before long, each of his people began helping others to get on base. They began scoring. They began winning. Each day. Small victories.

To continue learning from David, let us look at ways he applied the most sophisticated technologies to the business of ordering, warehousing, selling, shipping and financial transaction processing (collecting on accounts receivable within minutes not 30-60 days). The watch industry is one of the oldest, but here we learn about some of the newest business practices to create profits and a foundation for the future.

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Joe Glenn of Glenn MetalCraft

#1:  Know who you are

Meet Joe Glenn, Glenn Metalcraft,  Princeton MN:
He got it right: "...creating a niche kept us alive..." 
Key Idea:   Listen to the Next Generation
Key Question: How do we prepare the next generation?


#2:  Know where you came from...

And, know where you are going to.  Meet Renegade Animation folks, Burbank CA:
Starting a business requires being a renegade. More...
Key Idea: Build on your experience.
Key Question: Should I take on a partner?


#3:  Focus on what matters most

Meet Bart Mahan, Buggies Unlimited, Richmond KY:
Bart confesses his sins - now he is always reinventing himself.
Key Idea: Be Willing to Change Everything.
Key Question: How do I solve hard problems?


#4:  Push the edge of knowledge
in your industry... we'll all help you.*

Meet Ruth Ellen & Jack Miller, NoUVIR, Seaford DE:
These two are unlikely revolutionaries. These  inventors have tied the big guys up in knots
  More...  And even more...
Key Idea: Make A Quantum Leap.
Key Question: How do I stand out in the crowd?

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