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Put your values in writing

Let us celebrate and honor the contributions of our veterans. 

Washington, DC and the nation:  Defenders of freedom. Patriots.  Veterans.   These people come from every part of society and from every corner of the nation.  They get special training and they serve their country.  Some enter combat and some get injured. In one way or another, they all come home,  and are discharged or retire from the military.  Many join the workforce and begin re-creating their life with the special honors and experiences of being in the US military.

Meet four veterans who came home and started a business and each of them has become enormously successful.  They have all been creating jobs for many years now and are all highly respected within their industry.

In this episode of the show they each tell how they started companies to provide services to the military.   They explain that doing business with the federal government is different than selling goods and services to the private sector. 

All three have fast-growing businesses that range from $26 million to $70 million in annual sales.

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Measuring More than Transactions: What tools are you using to manage your business? Are you using key indicator reports to guide your decision making?   Are your people tracking their key ratios with every closing?  Do you use outside tools to help you measure your own performance?  ...and for your people to measure their own performance?  More...



Workforce Excellence: 280+ videos

Meet Albert Black of On Target Supplies, Dallas:  He says, "We have to continuously sharpen the saw, find new information, new strategies, new principlres..." More...
Key Idea:   Put Your Values in Writing
Key Question: How do you keep employees productive?

Steve Hoffman, Modern Postcard

Operations Excellence: 250+ videos

Meet Steve Hoffman, Modern Postcards, Carlsbad:  Continuous improvement, kaizen, quality programs, TOC, TQM, ...all really work. More...  And even more...
Key Idea: Know the Theory of Constraints (TOC).
Key Question: How do I increase profits?

Reed Pigman, Texas Jet

Reed Pigman, Texas Jet

Customer Excellence: 120+ videos

Meet Reed Pigman, Texas Jet, Fort Worth, TX: ...voted by readers of Professional Pilot magazine as one of the top 10 independent FBOs in the USA "   More...
Key Idea: Lead With Service
Key Question: How do I keep customers coming back?

Pam McNair, Gadabout

Pam McNair, Gadabout

Leadership Excellence: 280+ videos

Meet Pam McNair, Gadabout Spa & Salon, Tucson: She said, "I'm not the star, I build stars."  More...
Key Idea: Think beyond yourself
Key Question: How do you keep employees productive?

Best business practices: Videos from this television show

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