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Know where you came from, and know where you are going!

They make very special cheeses!

Lowell, Wisconsin: In this episode of the show we meet  Vicki & Paul Scharfman of Specialty Cheese. This story is about marketing. It may look like magic, it's not.

It is all about testing, trial and error, and focus groups.

Seasoned with big business experience, and prepped with their Harvard MBAs, these two are rebuilding the oldest continuously-running cheese factory in Wisconsin. Learn now how they have broken out of cheddar and into diversity, and how they've attracted a whole new customer base.

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Get involved:  The  issues are all too important. History teaches. Evil exists. And, better ideas are necessary to stop the insanities of our times that grow like cancerAs Barack Obama re-adjusts his agenda to deal with these real realities, small business can have a key stabilizing, yet energizing role.

Ken Duncan Camera

Innovate:  Find the Courage to Act.

Meet Michael Novak and Ken Duncan: Where Michael grasps the deep theory and writes, Ken takes action. Ken risks to innovate. Yet, both of them challenge us to go for it.
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Key Question: How do I get started in business?


Create: Invent new Services.

Meet a few of the hundreds of innovators here. Science and insight edge toward an innovation revolution that will dwarf all things historical.   More about billion-dollar ideas...
Key Question: Where will my products come from?


Breakthrough: Cultivate new ideas.

Meet Marty Edelston, founder, Boardroom, Inc.  Rediscover yourselfMarty's passion and mission is to help people make it in this increasingly hostile world. More...
Key Question: How do I keep good employees?


Educate: Put your values in writing.

Meet Dave Young & Jodi Johnson, founders, Oberon: They started in 2002 and last year sold for over $100M.  Their vision, mission, and culture attracted great people More...
Key Question: How do I build a big business fast?

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