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Announcements & Invitations


To:  Members and friends of  Small Business School

Subject:  Three Announcements and invitations

1.  Small Business Index for Learning Companies

2.  Small Business Index for Growing Companies

3.  Small Business Stock Market & Exchange

Background:  For every population of 100,000 people anywhere in the world there are no less than 3000 and as many as 8000  businesses.  That is a statistical range – 1:33 within socialist countries and 1:13 within the  democratic capitalist countries –  based on populations of people and businesses in many countries throughout the world.  Of that range, it seems fair to hope that there are 300 to 800 good business owners (10%) -- people who are highly ethical, generous, and successful. 

These are businesses all of us should study, some should invest, and all of us can help to grow. 

Let us all reward ethics, generosity, authenticity, leadership and success.

We can all vet the Good and turn our backs to the Bad and Ugly.  Ever since the show began in 1994 Small Business School (SBS) has been gathering the names of good businesses from business advocates everywhere.  The school is always looking for the most ethical, generous, and highly-successful business owners within every Designated Market Area (DMA) in the USA.  In the new release of SBS, that search will be within every country of the world. 

History.  For the first episode of the show,  SBS began working with lists of business owners who have received awards and who were loved within their community.  Eventually anywhere from 100 to 300 people would be nominated for every episode.  The local business advocates would vote and a Top Ten would emerge.  Once a person was selected to be featured, often the station and independent producers were invited to do an even better episode about  the others among the Top Ten.  That aspect of this business model is the current focus of development.  More...

The financial model was always problematic.

The Future.  With these announcements, that financial model is being addressed.  Local  business advocates will recommend, the general public will have ways to add to it, and everybody within the DMA or the country will vote.  Of the 6.8 Billion  people in the world, there is anywhere from 250,000,000 to 400,000,000 businesses in the world.  

Let us find the best 4,000,000 businesses.  Let's get 400,000 of them working on their scripts, 40,000 working on video recordings of their script, and at least 4,000 of them being broadcast within their country and around the world every year.  

Small Business Index for Learning Companies is for best 4,000,000 businesses.

Small Business Index for Growing Companies is for best 400,000 businesses.

Small Business Stock Market & Exchange is for the best 40,000 businesses.

Just think what an economic force 40,000 small and fast-growing businesses would be if they had ready access to capital to grow. Ethics and generosity, authenticity and leadership would be given a platform to grow.