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Turn A Small Idea Into A Big One

2:46 | Play Now | For decades, Dr. Neil Clark Warren was a one-person company.  At the time of this story was taped, Dr. Warren had 3 million paying customers because he turned his small idea into a big one.

Pasadena, California:  Meet Dr. Neil Clark Warren. He has always been an excellent marriage counselor;  failures in marriage bothered him.  He decided to look into the broken heart of divorce. He probed and researched 512 couples -- divorce autopsies -- and discovered most of these people married the wrong person.

He wrote a book about it and that book was selling well, until Oprah invited him to come on her show. Of course, sales exploded. When his son-in-law challenged him to expand his reach, they took that business to the web and almost lost everything.  That was 2001; the dot.coms had become dot.bombs.

Fix Something That Is Broken

1:09 | Play Now | Greg Forgatch, co-founder of eHarmony, says that people will pay for products or services that they believe will fix a problem. The bigger the problem, the more they will pay.

Charge More and Demand More Than Your Competition

2:47 | Play Now | eHarmony was late to the matchmaking business. This gave them a chance to learn from others and as a result they developed a completely unique product.

Attract The Biggest Brains

4:28 | Play Now | Dr. Galen Buckwalter is an academic with plenty of expertise and experience. Founders Dr. Neil Clark Warren and Greg Forgatch recruited him and other big brains to develop the product.

Accomodate the Hard-to-Win

3:17 | Play Now | Greg Steiner is the Chief Technology Officer who works to make it easy to use

Be Bold

1:35 | Play Now | Host Hattie Bryant says that the eHarmony team is a success because it doesn't compromise.


Keep Your Promises

2:23 | Play Now | Customers keep coming back when they know they can count on you.

Find an Advertising Strategy

2:08 | Play Now | Radio then television proved to be the way for eHarmony to reach singles.

Invest In Continuous Improvement

3:58 | Play Now | Galen Buckwalter knows that his competitors are adding personality assessment and more in-depth tools for matching to their online offers. This is driving eHarmony to stay on the front edge of research to continuously improve.