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Last Update: Sunday July 25, 2021

Lest we forget, we memorialize particular days.

Four Veterans, three businesses

US Military on Parade
More veterans return home to start a business just to keep serving.

Washington, DC and the nation:  Defenders of freedom. Patriots.  Veterans.   These people come from every part of society and from every corner of the nation.  They get special training and they serve their country.  Some enter combat and some get injured. Some die. In one way or another, they all come home,  and are discharged or retire from the military.  Many join the workforce and begin re-creating their life with the special honors and experiences of being in the US military.

Meet four veterans who came home and started a business and became enormously successful.  They have all been creating jobs for many years now and are each highly respected within their industry.

In this episode of the show they each tell how they started companies to provide services to the military.   They explain that doing business with the federal government is different than selling goods and services to the private sector. 

All three have fast-growing businesses that range from $26 million to $70 million in annual sales.

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What is a memory? What happens when we remember? Does a memory keep a legacy alive?  These questions are questions for all time and for all people. The fact is that our memories keep us human. Memories answer the question, "Why are we here?"   On memory...

These folks served their country twice.

A Salute to our Veterans: Meet people who found the experience of serving their country so compelling they developed a business around supporting and empowering an even stronger, more intelligent military. One thing will always be sure; their work is never done and it'll never be easy.

Veteran, Jodi Johnson

Build with People You Know

Meet Jodi Johnson, co- founder, Oberon: Jodi learned quickly how to ramp up a business. She acquired the basic skill set while in active military service. More...


Put your own skin in the game.

Meet Joe Fergus, founder, ComTEK:. Joe is a classic American entrepreneur. He's tough. He says, "Don't even think about starting a business unless you are willing to risk your own money."  More...


Listen to the marketplace

Meet Mark Gross, founder, Oak Technologies: Mark started in business with an idea that didn't work. Yet, in the pursuit of the wrong idea, he landed on the right one.  Now, this segment begins with Joe Fergus of COMTek and includes comments from Scott Denniston of the US Veterans Administration. More...


Put your values in writing.

Meet Dave Young, co-founder, Oberon: He and Jodi have developed a strong corporate identity by putting the basic tenets -- vision, mission, and culture -- of the business in writing. They have attracted and keep great people who will take this business to the next level and well into the next generation. More...

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