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Oklahoma City: This episode of the show was done to learn how to take a company public. Here the founder had raised the first-round of private equity investment to commercialize his invention but didn't know how to run the business and get those products into the market. 

The early-stage investors brought in Bill Hagstrom (pictured above). 

We see that it took a person with Bill's experience to get this disease management business into gear. Today UroCor provides a comprehensive range of services for detecting, diagnosing and managing bladder, prostate and other complex urologic conditions.

Under Bill's leadership, in just six years UroCor grew to $25 million in sales with 200 employees. One of UroCor's biggest obstacles was recruiting experienced leadership from large health care companies in the East.

Bill Hagstrom is all about constantly learning.

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Business pushes us to set goals -- do it better with fewer mistakes. Stretch.

Step 1: Dreaming

Meena Krishnan, Indus
Step 2: Starting

Glenn Walser, founder, Automated Foods
Step 3: Selling

Step 4 Growing

Yun Li of Dawn Sign in San Diego
Step 5: Employing

An employee of Omnex Accounting Services
Step 6: Scaling

Gabrielle, one of two McEntee children
Step 7: Sustaining

A former banker becomes a FastSigns Owner
Step 8 Exiting

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