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You Know Our Work

The academic community knows the work of Small Business School (SBS) because the video companions for so many of the leading business textbooks are filled with SBS video case studies.  Many are  integrated into the chapters of each book. 

Here's a partial list of textbooks with SBS videos:

Entrepreneurship, 7th Edition, Donald Kuratko and Richard Hodgetts

Small Business Management, 14th Edition, by Justin Longenecker, Carlos Moore, William Petty and Les Palich

Enterprise, 1st Edition William Gartner and Marlene G. Bellamy

Marketing, 10th Edition, Charles W. Lamb, Joseph F. Hair, and Carl McDaniel

Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating a Small Business
, 2nd Edition, Steve Mariotti and Caroline Glackin,

Effective Small Business Management
, 5th & 6th Edition,   Norman Scarborough and Thomas Zimmerer

Managing Today!
, 2nd Edition, Stephen P. Robbins

Introduction to Business, 4th Edition, Jeff Madura

Human Resource Management,
8th Edition, Gary Dessler

Management , 7th Edition,
Stephen P. Robbins and Mary Coulter

Fundamentals of Management , 3rd Edition, 
Stephen P. Robbins and David A Decenzo

Business Essentials, 3rd Edition, Ronald J. Ebert
and Ricky W. Griffin

Business Today, 9th Edition, Michael H. Mescon,
Courtland L. Bovee and John V. Thill

Organizational Behavior
, 9th Edition, Stephen P. Robbins

Modern Management, 8th Edition, Samuel C. Certo

Business Communication Process and Product
3rd Edition,  Mary Ellen Guffey

Effective Communication
, 9th Edition,
Clarice Pennebaker Brantley and Michele Goulet Miller

Marketing, lst Edition, James L. Burrow

Business Principles and Management, 11th Edition,
Kenneth E. Everard and James L. Burrow

Operations Management
, 9th Edition, Norman Gaither
and Greg Grazier

Management Meeting New Challenges, 1st Edition,
J. Stewart Black and Lyman W. Porter

Economic Education for Consumers
, 2nd Edition,
Roger LeRoy Miller and Alan D. Stafford

Entrepreneurship Ideas in Action, 2nd Edition,
Cynthia L. Greene

Small Business An Entrepreneur’s Business Plan
6th Edition, J.D. Ryan and Gail P. Hiduke

Working Career Success for the 21st Century, 3rd Edition,  Larry  J. Bailey

Management:  A Competency-Based Approach, 9th Edition,  Don Hellriegel, Susan E. Jackson and John W. Slocum

Management, 2nd Edition, Chuck Williams

Entrepreneurship in Action, 1st Edition,  Mary Coulter

Global Business, 3rd Edition, Michael R. Czinkota,
Iikka A. Ronkainen, Michael H. Moffett and Eugene O. Moynihan

Entrepreneurship  A Process Perspective, 1st Edition,
Robert A. Baron and Scott A. Shane

Management Challenges in the 21st Century, 3rd Edition,
Pamela S. Lewis,Stephen H. Goodman and Patricia M. Fandt

Strategic Management, 4th Edition, Michael A. Hitt,
R. Duane Ireland, Robert E. Hoskisson

Effective Management, 1st Edition, Chuck Williams

You are an entrepreneur. Think beyond yourself. Be creative.

1. Tweet this page.  You are providing access to hundreds of videos.

2.   Tips & Techniques.  These videos are used in thousands of classrooms every day. The goal is to teach best business practices while encouraging even deeper and more refined practices!

Here are videos that are used in the graduate school, Clemson's Spiro Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.  These video clips are associated with the book, Entrepreneur.  Any video clip on the site can be used in courseware in a business or school.

We invite you to email, ask questions or share your story. Let us  all focus on solutions to our immediate problems and on the world's most vexing problems.

3.  Get your classroom involved.  Recommend  good businesses to be considered for a local television profile (More). Every business with which they do business gets evaluated.  It changes their entire perspective about their importance as a customer.  In other ways, they take on  the mind of a local, professional business advocate.

In this way students really get to know their local businesses.  Some have even gone out to meet the business advocates.  starting with the mayors and including the economic development and chamber people. Once a student recommends a business, a goal is to place that student as an intern to help businesses with their websites and to guide those businesses to answer key questions to prepare for a local episode of the show. 

These schools and their students have special access to these materials.  Here is an example...

4.  End-to-end videos.  If you are among the few who have allowed students to watch the entire video, end-to-end on their own, we would ask that your school consider adopting a few more annual licenses just to help with the bandwidth costs. 

Here are a few of the end-to-end videos that are requested most often:


  »   The most studied episode...  Wahoo!

Meet the founders and people of Wahoo's Fish Tacos.   Three brothers grew up working for their Mom and Dad  in their  Chinese restaurant but loved going to Baja, surfing, and eating Mexican surfer's food. Here is the rest of the story.  More...

The Enterprise Network by NASA and the Stanford University Technology Transfer program

  »   Visit a business incubator

The Enterprise Network in Silicon Valley rocks  Working with the Technology Transfer program at Stanford University gives some of these budding business owners a jumpstart in development.   Meet people who are succeeding.  More...

Nicole Miller

  »   Are you interested in fashion and design?

Visit inside the 7th Avenue fashion house in NYC, Nicole Miller.  Meet Nicole's partner and key people. More...

Ping Golf

  »    Are you familiar with Ping golf?

They started this business in their garage.  Father and son.  And, in the process, they changed the industry of golf. More...

Marc Katz, Katz Deli

  »     How about a 24-hour restaurant and entertainment center?

Meet Marc Katz.  Austin, Texas will never be the same.  He brought life to the city when everybody else was closing! More...

A chowder house in Newport, Oregon

  »     This chowder house serves the White House.

This family business started out as a fisherman's dive.  It was a place to hang out and swap stories.  It still is. More...

Ahmad Chebbani

  »   An accountant transforms people and community

Meet Ahmad Chebbani.  He came here from Lebanon with nothing.  Today he is a world leader from Dearborn, Michigan Learn more...

The foundations of capitalism

  »   Study the foundations of capitalism and wealth

Meet Michael Novak of the American Enterprise Institute. He is a former Ambassador to the United Nations. More...

More resources within this site for you

1.  Film Students.  You are invited to produce answers to questions for local businesses within your community.   Register and list your title as "Video Producer." You may graduate to begin working with some of the best producers of the world.  More...

2.  Authors.  You are invited to consider incorporating videos within your textbook to demonstrate key concepts and principles.  The entire right column is a listing of textbooks with Small Business School videos.   There are well over 2000 video clips from which to choose. A video editor who knows the entire inventory will be assigned to the project like this one.  More...

3.  MBA school professors and instructors.  The web site is primarily for small business owners.  If you have extraordinary students, you may want to have them register on the site for free.  We have accommodated this on a case by case basis.   Here is an example...

Always strive to do a little better. What is your special genius? Find out. Use it!

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