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Jet-a-way where waste is transported, sorted, and recycled.

Get A Loan To Expand

2:11 | Play Now | Eventually you are going to begin thinking like a banker to prepare to meet a banker.

Key Question: "How do I prepare to meet with a banker?"
One of many answers: When your business becomes profitable and is growing, you may find that your cash flow is tighter than ever! You have profits, net income, but no cash. This is because you are increasing your investment in inventory or receivables. One way to ease this situation is to leave the profits of the business in the business to provide the working capital the business needs. Another way is to borrow money from a financial institution.

Boston, Massachusetts: In this episode of the show we take you inside Jet-A-Way, a recycling company for construction and demolition waste, commercial waste, and recycled paper. They are also a transportation company to pick it all up and, then when it is all sorted, to bring it to refinement centers and sanitary landfills.  You'll meet Darlene Jeter and her family. 

Darlene and her husband have been recognized by their community and by the nation for their achievements.

With over $10 million in sales and 50 employees, this business has been in  operation since 1969.  Darlene has endured enormous setbacks -- the death of the love of her life,  her husband and business partner -- and major swings in the construction business in Boston. It is a dusty, tough industry. There is a lot of heavy metal -- trucks, tractors, and front-end loaders. Darlene not only survives, she thrives with grace and dignity.

Darlene Jeter has tenacity. No moaning, blubbering, sniveling, whimpering or whining; she gets the job done and then gives back to her community.

Work, Work, Work

2:37 | Play Now | Starting a business from scratch is almost impossible. You need the right idea at the right time, the right people and the physical energy of a nuclear power plant. More...

Get A Small Loan

1:06 | Play Now | When Eddie borrowed $200 there was no such thing as a credit card or an ATM.

Keep Cash In The Business

2:00 | Play Now | Eddie and Darlene didn't take a salary from their baby business until it was strong enough to stand on its own two feet.

Keep On Keeping On

1:26 | Play Now | When Eddie died, Darlene was ready, willing and able to lead the company. Their son Jesse runs the recycling division.

Put Your House On The Line

2:09 | Play Now | Eddie and Darlene took a risk and used their house as collateral for a loan they needed to purchase new trucks.

Look Forward

1:42 | Play Now | Jet-A-Way has been serving customers since 1959. Darlene says they have stayed in business by always looking forward.

Be The Company People Want To Work For

2:40 | Play Now | Many people have worked at Jet-A-Way for over a decade and the company has been recognized by the Small Business Administration as an outstanding employer.

Be Generous

1:24 | Play Now | All of the business owners we know are gracious and generous however Darlene has won more recognition for her contributions to the community than most.

Be The Person Others Will Follow

4:39 | Play Now | Darlene grew up in the school of hard knocks. She paid attention and learned how to win and keep customers with a great attitude and fabulous service.