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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

The Global Experience of Small Business School

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Stories about millions of good business owners

The Focus and Emerging Developments

1.  Voice of America.  In 1995 the show, Small Business School, was broadcast around the world by the Voice of America through their nine global satellites.  Stations around the world took that signal and the show was re-aired on local station throughout Latin America, Asia (including CCTV-9 in China, Mongolia, Thailand, etc.),  the Middle East and Africa.

Many cable stations worked directly with the production to get the highest quality video to broadcast. 

2.  United Arab Emirates. The Dubai Business Channel picked up the series in 2004 and they aired over 150 episodes as a daily show for the better part of two years.  The shows aired in an early-morning slot and again in the evening in prime time.  Many episodes were repeated.  The Dubai Business Channel broadcast the series throughout the world.  There were people with satellite connection to that channel located throughout the world.   

3.  World Tour.   In the summer of 2007 Bruce Camber and Hattie Bryant visited in several countries including Japan, China, Vietnam, UAE, Russia, Norway and Iceland, to attempt to discern the support for a weekly production of Small Business School and the introduction of a new series to include all businesses to be called The Best Businesses of the WorldMore...

4.  US-Arab Economic Forum., May 2008, Washington, DC.  As a result of a series of discussions throughout the duration of this forum, the Arabic-speaking countries have become a major focus for the development of  the Best Businesses of the WorldMore...

For the first episodes of the show  lists of wonderful businesses were compiled.  People were nominated for their successes, their integrity, and their generosity. As people watched those first episodes, many wrote or called and said, "I know a business that is as good as that one! Do an episode of the show about these people. They are wonderful!"

In 1995 the Voice of America (VOA) began broadcasting the show around the world. Again letters, emails and telephone calls would come virtually every day, "Do an episode of the show about this company!"

The early history.  This weekly, half-hour show has aired on PBS stations in the USA and on the Voice of America around the world.  Since 1994 the goal had been to do as many as 26 episodes per year.

The future. Today, the goal is to do at least two-to-three episodes per year in every Designated Market Area using the best local producers. That goal would result in no less than 400 local episodes just in the USA. result in no less than other 400 episodes.  In time, the the goal will be to increase the number of local episodes so no less than 4000 episodes per year are produced and every episode is ranked by the viewers and all  episodes are available for upload by the many broadcasting entities from PBS, VOA to every local station in the world.

The Local television market: 

Each week every broadcast episode will simulcast on the web.  During the broadcast and for a half-hour after, there will be an online collaboration involving local viewers, local business leaders, and people from the global web community.

Each broadcast (and simulcast) will be localized each week by a prominent business advocate in each geography.  Before the show begins, viewers of television and the web  will be invited to come online to collaborate:  "Join us now on the web with other viewers and local business leaders as we study best business practices and we look to see if these can be applied within our community and within our local businesses.” 

At the end of the show, that person,  “If you are not online already, come online now to review the case study guide for this episode and to discuss best business practices with other local viewers and visitors  from around the world." 

The Focus. 

This show is about starting and running a business successfully.  It is a focus on the founder and the audacity of starting a business and the processes by which there is a transformation into a successful business.  It is also about the right attitudes and character to run a successful business. 

Typically,  episodes are about businesses with less than 500 employees.  Exceptions have been made when the founder of a larger business is still available.  Each country will create their own highly-vetted lists of businesses and it is from that list the next business to be profiled will be selected.