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"Best Business of the Year"

The goal is to find a person and their business who can be lifted up as the "best business of the year" from every country in the world.  Then, to have the people of our global village begin watching these episodes online and vote for each year fro the best business of the world.

Why not have a show like an "American Idol for Business" where everybody gets to vote on who will be selected for a local profile on their local station? Then, why not have everybody in the world vote for the world's very finest business each year?

Now, talk about changing television and changing human behavior!

Another Goal and Vision for Television

This goal was set in the Summer of 2007.  Let us begin to visit many of the most excellent producers and broadcasters from within every country of the world.  We'll go to where they live and work to encourage them to focus on the best people within their culture and to tell the stories about how these people discovered their talents, crafted their ideas, started a business, became successful within their industry, became generous within their community, and earned the quiet respect of everyone.

Let us find those who do not have time to be self-promoters.   More...

The selection criteria that has been used by this production company over the years will continue to evolve.  These first principles should come alive.

What happens when everyone studies a good business?  Usually that business gets even better!   We all get better. These businesses and their owners and employees become role models for everyone, and together we all learn a little more about the meaning and value of life.  

So, let's find and identify some of the best businesses of the world within every country.  And then, let us find the best producers of the world to help tell their stories. 

If a business is not about creating something of value, it is about exploitation and it is a bad company of people.  Most good people, once they know who they are, shun them.  Yet, strangely, the media loves to dwell on them... sensationalize them, even glamorize them so being a "bad boy" becomes darkly attractive.

Few people really know the inside story of the good businesses.  Let's turn that around.  Let us agree to develop strong, possibly long, lists of sensational businesses  -- small, medium and large -- in every country no matter what its size.

Just getting on a list of "best businesses"  would be an honor.  But, then having producers come and and work with you to develop a local episode of a weekly television show, that's the beginning or real transparency!  Such an episode opens  the way for all of us to see how life is lived  with grace, dignity,  courage,  and insight with a vision for creating something of  value. 

If we were all encouraged to learn from the best among, that would be a true gift to a culture and to our global village.

So let us all name the new show. 

Maybe the series should  simply be, "The Best Businesses of the World." 

The domain could be "" yet perhaps a few of the related domains should be held as well:, and 

Of course, there will be 1000 iterations if this series gets traction!

About the world's growing television culture

Many producers and broadcasters throughout the world tell  the stories of  negative, exploitive people; they rationalize, "This is what the public wants to watch."  Many of the most beguilingly seductive stories have originated from the USA.  Many copy that style and substance. 

This constant, nightly barrage on television sets around the world amounts to a tragic gift to our respective cultures.

These stories all become analogies, metaphors and models of and for behavior, especially within those cultures where people do not have the cultural conditioning to discern the difference between entertainment and reality.  Yet, in all cultures, there are many people where television is not an imaginary reality but a supra-reality.  When something is on television, it is lifted into a meta-world of a special validation, substantiation, and ideation.  That is why movie stars are stars.  It is not who they are; it is who we want them to be. 

Producers and broadcasters say that ratings drive the content.  Yet, not many have taken time to look deeply into the heart of creativity, ethics, and value creation.  Few have found ways to tell those kinds of stories in as compelling and  dramatic way as they currently tell the stories about the underbelly of the   culture.  More...