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Stories of Millions of Good People

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Populations by country

6.7 Billion people

•  Estimates range from 200-to-400 million businesses in the world.  Statistically, that is a range from of one business for every 16 people (400M) to one business for every 32 people (200M).
•  Let us hope that at least 20-to-40 million -- that's 10% of the total --  are truly good businesses.  They are-good to their customers, good to their employees and good to their suppliers and partners.
•  Let us hope that there are 2-to-4 million truly remarkable businesses  and their owners -- that's just 1% of the total -- who are highly ethical, generous to their community and leaders within their industry.
•   If these statements are close to the truth, a list of 2000 businesses in 2000 markets for a total of 4M businesses  is possible. 

Please note:   4 million half-hour stories, if told every half-hour of every day with no repeats represents about 228 years of programming. It only takes 17,520 episodes per year to  fill a 24/7/365 schedule with no repeats. 

The immediate focus of this project is the countries of the world by population and where they have taken the signal from the broadcasts of the Voice of America.

Global listings of good businesses

Reward the best.  List the good.  Ignore the bad. 

Every list to be dynamically online:  Every listing in every country will be made from somebody who loves that business.  Every listing will also be qualified by a group of business advocates within that country.  Then that list will be made public and it will be qualified by people within the country.

A prioritized list from every country will emerge.  This listing will always be dynamic.  It can change.  The top 100 businesses listed will be used to select the next business to be profiled within that country. 

Eventually every country will be geographically divided by television signals.  The statistical average for a signal is 4 million people. Within this entire global village, there should be as many as 2000 businesses within each geography of 4M people and hopefully no yet less than 1000.

Every worthy business has a story that should be told.  Every television channel in the world should be saturated with stories about good people who create value  with creativity, integrity, and graciousness.  That's a very special business. 

These stories would be the antithesis of the general media's portrayal of business.  Every day in every media outlet, our  global culture is told stories   about exploitive people and exploitive companies of people. In part we begin to believe this is the normative way people live their life.

We need to know more about good people doing good things to make our world a better place.

The Process: Nominate a Business!

With the web, the nomination process is always open because it is online.  Then, the final selection process will always be opened – it, too, will also always be online. Let the people choose who should be profiled next!  Why not have a show like American Idol for good businesses?

From the open nomination to the open voting, there will be a group in the middle.  These are all the small business advocates -- the leaders of local business organizations, economic development groups, CPAs, business editors, business professors... Within a given geography these people really know the heart and soul of the business leaders within their community. These people will take any given list of 100 people and select the best 10.  They will also caution us on those businesses that they believe probably should not be listed at all.  If enough suggest so, the business is delisted. 

Any list that goes up for a given geography will have a rank order for "the next 100 companies" to be considered for an episode of the show in that region.  Yet, based on the people who vote, that rank order can change.

With the open nominations, the experts rankings, and the final selection made by the viewing public,  this process will be a bit like American Idol, but here we are always looking for the best businesses with the most ethical, creative, and courageous founders and owners.

The list of countries of the world will be indexed and cross-indexed as activities in each country develops. 

The Collaborative Countries:

Note:  People within these countries have been watching the show since 1995.  They receive  the show through a local station's re-broadcast of the Voice of America signal.   Although the show has extensively aired in China on CCTV and some of the local cable stations, the "G8+ 5" listings are in the next column.

Australia, Bolivia, Gambia, Ghana, Mauritius, Mongolia, New Zealand, Niger, Peru, Poland, United Arab Emirates (Dubai). 

The G8 + 5 Countries:

Brazil (5), China (5),  France, German, India (5), Italy. Japan, Mexico (5), Russia, South Africa (5), United KingdomUSA

In Canada the people of Canada tune into the show from the rebroadcasts from Vermont Public Television, Watertown WPBS, Buffalo's WNED, Erie's WQED, Detroit's Public Broadcasting,  North Dakota's KFME, and others.

The new focus, opening new doors:

Each of these countries were visited in 2007 and there are people, stations, and actions being  to create local episodes of Small Business School and Best Businesses of the World.    These countries include:  Arab Nations (first draft, a working document), Iceland, Ireland, Norway and Vietnam.