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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

To Contact Bruce Camber or Hattie Bryant

500 East Fifth Street #434
Austin, Texas  72701


E- mail
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or it is:    camber - at -

Footnote: Some of you may recognize that old post office box. It was our oldest address when all our paperwork was handled from New Orleans.  Well, since 2009, we reverted to that mode of operation while Hattie speaks and travels throughout the USA and Bruce travels around the USA and the globe.  There are many goals involved.  One of Bruce's goals is to extend the show as a local production within every market of two-to-four million people.  With just over 7 billion people in the world,  the goal is to define no less than 2000 markets where there are no less than 2000 businesses around the globe that are developing their stories in the form of questions and answers about best business practices, all made for television.

contact.jpgToday Bruce Camber will most often answer the telephone. In the future, it could be the producers of the current episode of the show.  We will all try to be responsive. We all want to be available to our viewers and visitors.   When traveling, taping, editing, meeting or presenting (conferences and seminars), you will get voice mail.

When the show began in 1994, Bruce had a dream and that was to introduce HAL within the website by 2001.  He said, "Some day we'll implement speech recognition technology! Instead of voice mail, calls will be transferred to an intelligent hub within our web site so natural language speech recognition programs can ask -- How can we help you? -- and guide our viewers and visitors through the web site to get the information they need. If somebody wanted to leave a message, they would have that option, too."

Even after all these years, we must just  "Keep dreaming!"

The technology has been in the market since about 1990!
Just think how it must have improved!  Though even now, moving it
into the web today is still be a little hurdle, so Bruce keeps dreaming.

And, until then, there is email.

Expanding the options

With so much social media available, it is crazy not to expand the coverage and destiny of Small Business School to include as many of these options as possible.

To that end, at some time in the not-so-distant future, we will have a very robust Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, BlogSpot, WordPress, Pinterest, and Google+ options, and possibly even a bit more.