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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

EM Rose Builders on the Gold Coast of Connecticut

Earn the Right to Join the Club

Key Question: How do I get my first job, contract or sale?

Eric Rose's experience shows that it takes time to get it right.

Branford, Connecticut: In this episode of the show you meet Eric Rose, a man at the top of his game. He is one of the finest builders of custom homes in the USA.  But, it was not always this way. He had to hit the wall, have his comeuppance, and then put in time under the umbrella of a very big business before he was ready to try again.

There are eight key ideas within this case study guide. Spend some time with Eric and with the key ideas of others who initially failed to actualize their dream, but then they came back and rose to the very top of their industry!

Becoming a world-class builder does not happen overnight. And as one does become the best in their industry, often there is an arrogance or aloofness that comes with it. Not here. Failures and then his work within big business taught him very valuable life lessons and perspective.. He continues to learn how to balance his understanding of his gifts and talents with an openness to learn even more. Truly successful business people turn people power in positive actions to over achieve and to do more than is required.

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Win the Recognition of Your Peers

4:55 | Play Now  |  Winning awards wins business.

Add Wire Whenever and Wherever You Can

2:56 | Play Now  |  This is the wire that will be hooked up to the computer that will run this home being built by E. M. Rose Builders. This idea is a metaphor for thinking ahead and giving your customer service that they will need in the future.

Do More For Your Customers Than They Ever Dreamed You Could Do

2:53 | Play Now  |  E. M. Rose Builders connects the homes they build to this server so it can take care of the house after it completes the building project.

Love the Work, Not the Business

1:16 | Play Now  |  Eric Rose loves the stuff of his day. He is challenged by the problems and works long hours to make sure he exceeds the expectations of his customers.

Accept That The Devil is in Details

4:34 | Play Now  |  In the basement of an EM Rose constructed home, one sees attention to detail. This kind of work is what keeps Eric's strategic alliances in place and it causes happy customers to send him new business.

Create Digital Workflow

0:53 | Play Now  All data at E. M. Rose Builders is inside of a computer and accessible anywhere in the world where there is an connection to the web..

Hire Talent Before You Need It

4:18 | Play Now  |  Eric Rose's CTO is key to the company's success. Eric increased his capacity by hiring more staff than he needed for his current volume of work. He wanted to have 3-4 projects at a time so he positioned himself to be able to do that. 

Editor's Note: The formula for business and personal success reflects an ever deeper sense of right and wrong. We are all inherently challenged to live each moment in a way that effectively increases continuity, increases symmetry, and creates special moments of harmony. We create order; we build relations; and we make the space around us ever so much more dynamic.