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Last Update: Sunday July 25, 2021

Building a Values-Based Business

Put People First

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Hattie discovers that all three of the men in this episode are convinced that by putting people first some kind of magic happens and the business prospers.

What is value?  How is it  created?  Within small business it surely is not based on a business valuation that the stock market can seemingly wipe out in a matter of days.

What we discover is that  value has much to do with the real relations of business.

Understanding Ethics and Personal Integrity

Start With An Atmosphere Statement

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Tom Pace invited employees to help him put in writing the values and goals of the business.

Decide to Build People

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Tom Pace talks about his transformation from a 2-and-a-half packs per day smoker to a leader and a teacher.  It is not always easy.  We all have clay feet.

Put Your Values In Writing

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Minneapolis-based Mike Wethington, now CEO of Outsell, discusses his earlier thoughts when he started Synet.  Your integrity and ethics should never be compromised by your business.

Be a Teacher

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Albert Black is founder of On Target Supplies & Logistics which is based in Dallas.  People want to work for him because they know that  they will be given an opportunity to learn.

Set High Standards

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The walls at On Target are full of sports figures who have achieved greatness with their integrity and ethics in tack.  The employees decided that these are the people who inspire them most.

Help Employees Become Prosperous

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Albert Black teaches his employees how to read financial statements and how to manage their personal finances.

Make Work About More Than Money

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On Target is a place where achievement is a core value and this is just one of the posters in the On Target Achievement Series.