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Y'all be careful. Nasty people launch new viruses every day.

Stay Close to Your Best Customers

Dallas, Texas: Meet wine enthusiast, Bob Orenstein; he started his business to serve people who, like himself, love fine wine. But, it was not easy. Learn how perseverance paid off. Slowly his company served hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. He  became the  authority on wine accessories and his customers began to depend on him to find items they could not find elsewhere.

From a spare bedroom of his condominium in 1983, it took him over ten years to break into the domain of the fast-growing businesses. He talks about business basics -- delivering quality products and extraordinary service.

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1. Review the key ideas within the episode, Protecting Your Priceless Data.

2. Intellectual Property is under attack from every quarter.
     There are eight key ideas to review.

3. Become an e-culture.   Develop BICEPS for the future today.

Eight steps to protect your data and your business.

Meet Symantec, Art Wong
Step 1: Adopt
Suzanna Persa, Danceworks Studios, Redmond, Washington
Step 2: Prepare
David Perry, Global Director of Education, Trend Micro, Tokyo and California
Step 3: Protect
Robin Matlock, McAfee, Santa Clara, California
Step 4: Appoint
Protect Your Priceless Data
Step 5: Keep Out
Ron Busch, systems and security guru
Step 6: Inform
Lori Newman of Microsoft
Step 7: Update
Glen Bieley of Madison Park Greetings, Seattle
Step 8: Stand

1.  Solid business owners selected by their communities answer questions.

2.  Since 1994 in the USA this weekly, half-hour television show has aired.
     on PBS stations*; and, it airs on the Voice of America around the world.

3.  These videos are in 40+ best-selling college textbooks for business.

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