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Just north of Chicago, no long ago this downtown was bleak.

Libertyville, Illinois: Discover how two men changed the face and the fortunes of a town. Pat Elmquest and Bill Sugars invested in their local community when no one else would. They dared to dream an impossible dream. The old downtown was virtually abandoned -- over 60% vacancy -- with pawn shops and the like.  Pat had bought a little pub; then with a $2 million loan, they expanded to make a brewery and restaurant... and the old downtown transformation was underway.

They were true pioneers ...the visionaries.  Today, Libertyville is an award-winning historic business district.

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There are eight key steps from an idea, to owner, to the harvest.






Nancy & Eric, Goshow Architects, NYC

Meet the founder of Cloud 9 Shuttle, John Hawkins

Every episode has several key ideas to challenge us to grow. . We all need to help each other grow. So, form at least one small group. Each week have everyone implement a key idea, then mentor each other. Cultivate new ideas...

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Entrepreneurs do not wait for somebody else to solve the problem.
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