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The opening of every episode of the show

On PBS stations and the the Voice of America:  Every episode opens with these words from Hattie Bryant, " Small business is about courage, risk-taking, independence.  And we small business owners are survivors.  Everybody has an idea for a business. But how do you take that idea from mind to market.  This is the place to learn."

Hattie goes on to say that this is a new kind of school because we learn together (it is a Master Class for business owners).  That is we learn about business from  the people who've done it. In every episode we go on location to  meet the men and women who are doing it every day. 

We call these folks today's pioneers and quiet heroes because their lives are the textbooks.  They are loved in their community for their ethics and generosity, and they are respected within their industry for their leadership, creativity, and integrity.  We are constantly looking for the top 1% of all business owners.

Small business people are optimistic We can create jobs.  We can  create wealth. And, we can make the world a better place.

We are convinced that every adult American at one time or another has had an idea for a business. Those that become business owners take the risk, believing that their idea will work.  When you have your own business, you're free to act on those ideas. We can't just do the ordinary; we have to do the extraordinary.

Thanh Lam, founder, Ba-Le Bakery, Honolulu
How do I start?

Who do I tell?

How do I sell?

What's next?

Deland, Florida, winner of The Great American Main Street Award, National Trust for Historic Preservation
Who do I hire?

RJ Duffy, CFO, Gadabout SalonSpas, Tucson
Can I  scale this?

Gary Salomon, founder, FastSigns, Carrollton, Texas
Can it go without me?

What is next?

Videos from this television show about best business practices:

Every week since September 1994, this television show has aired on PBS stations in the USA and on the Voice of America around the world. Small businesses must create something of  exceptional value.  It is about big commitment, sacrifice and struggle, but we say, `If I don't do this, my life won't be complete.'

Selling and servicing customers drives that value equation. That's the heart and soul of capitalism.   Here are over 180 videos about retail  and  over 70 about restaurants.

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