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60.60 is within Sverdlovsk Oblast

More Photographs from the  60's

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61° 9' 54.36" N 60° 0' 57.27" E         Photographer: MOIIBA

 60.551.51N  Andrey Avgustis Андрей Августис

60.29.35N 60.06.18E" 60.06.18E" a Photo by Maksim Antipin

60.08.42N 60.27.21E      Photo by Scharipova Ekaterina


60.40.16N 60.24.17E      Photo by Scharipova Ekaterina

There is  more (and always more to come).  

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 61° 9' 38.26" N 60° 0' 11.53" E                     Photographer, Andrey Avgustis Андрей Августис

60° 12' 33.45" N 60° 26' 37.27" E           Photographer, Виктор Мельник

Photograqpher, Igor_Romanov
60° 57' 16.60" N 60° 29' 21.66" E               Photgrapher Igor Romanov

60° 35' 48.44" N  60° 10' 32.41" E                          Photographer Maksim Antipin

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