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50.00.00N at 50.00.00W is in Kazahkstan

Akkus, Kokshetau Oblysy, Kazakhstan

Not far from Akkus, A photograph by Zehros
49.38.02N 50.05.08E   Photo by Zehroş

Dzhangala (Kazakhstan)

Kazakhstan: Mangystau Province

It has been a designated area (as of February 2012) within Wikimapia. This link will take you within the range where one inch equals 200 feet.  If you back up to the country level where one inch equals about 100 miles, you'll see that the site forms a rather nice iscoeles triangle with the two Russian cities of Saratov and Volgograd (Stalingrad).

Cities and towns within the 50/50 general area include:

Abramushkin (Kokshetau Oblysy): Latitude  50.80.00N Longitude 50.96.67E

Akkus (Kokshetau Oblysy)  49.63.33N  50.08.33E

Aqtau (Batys Qazaqstan Oblysy): Latitude 50.99.31 Longitude 50.1750

Aram-Kuardak: Latitude 50.5833 Longitude 50.3000

Besterk, Bish-Terek, Kokshetau Oblysy, Batys Qazaqstan  49.93.33  50.03.33

Bulak or Birlek  Latitude 50.1833 Longitude 50.2167

Karagay:  Latitude 50.7000 Longitude 50.6333

Kamenka:  Shipovo railway station  Latitude 51° 6' 29.70" N  Longitude 50° 17' 45.56" E

Irubay: Latitude 50.18.33 Longitude 51.35.00

Uralsk, Batys Qazaqstan:  51°12'14.86"N  51°22'7.71"E

Ushkuduk (Kokshetau Oblysy ): Latitude 50.46.67 Longitude 50.36.67

Uzek: Latitude 50.11.67 Longitude 49.96.67

There is still quite limited information about each town on the web.

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