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Anne Beiler says that everyone is teachable and lovable.

Gap, Pennsylvania:   Meet Anne Beiler, founder of Auntie Anne's Pretzels.  Anne's generous spirit is infused throughout this company and it is their secret ingredient.  Anne has proven that her franchisees want to run a business built on love. While most franchise companies have to market to find new owners, Anne has to turn away hundreds who want to buy into her concept. Products topped with her love of people make Anne Beiler a leadership example to follow.

So now, we travel out to Gap in Pennsylvania's Amish Country; it is a simpler place. And though it may be an unlikely place to be running a fast-growing business, maybe there are lessons here for all of us in these hostile times.  This business is based on love and on giving. This is the American Dream. It has come alive for all the right reasons.

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Change the world.  These people did.  And, others have, too.

A crisis is a real stimulus  to imagination and motivation.

INVENT YOUR FUTUREYES, YOU CAN.  Entrepreneurs do not wait for somebody else to do it. They just do it themselves. They take on the big challenges. They're not afraid what others think:  "...that's stupid. You're crazy! What a fool."  It is so much easier to say, "That's impossible" or "That can't be done."  So what are you waiting for?    More...

You do have a special genius!  ... but do you have the deep motivation to use it?

FROM $0-TO-$1-BILLION IN LESS THAN A LIFETIME. The energy crisis? Harness energy in new ways. Breakthroughs can come. More...
Clean water crisis? Create pure water;  reinvent chemical bonding.  More...
Clean air crisis?   Work on the first two and this one gets mitigated along the way!
Garbage crisis. Evolve sanitary landfills as Ecology Mountains for work and play.
Open-space crisis. Create wide connectors over superhighways for wildlife and nature trails. Reconnect the lands. Re-create the continuity.  Heal the scars.  More...

Global positioning. Buy the most-valuable, most-inexpensive real estate on earth.
Fanaticism. Grasp a deeper insight into the foundations of religions and the sciences then become an ambassador to the nations and a great diversity of people. Fanatics, severely limited intellectually, can be redeemed.     More...

There will be more about each of these crises within the section of the website that talks about going from $0 to over $1 Billion in less than a lifetime.   More...

There is a relentless drive toward perfection, just making it better...

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