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"You're crazy. No way! It'll never work."

San Diego: Early insights by these three people, Dr. Gunars Valkirs, Kim Blickenstaff and Dr. Ken Buechler, opened the way to develop devices that are now used virtually every second of a day to aid hundreds of thousands of emergency medical technicians, nurses, doctors and patients to diagnose medical conditions faster and more accurately. In this episode of the show, you will see their little device, Biosite Triage® for rapid diagnostic testing, in action.

When they had the idea, everyone told them, "You're crazy. No way! It'll never work." 

They began their business in 1988. Today, it is a global organization with annual revenues over $300 million. And, it is all based on a product line that never ever existed before they created it. They didn't stop there. They now test for congestive heart failure and a long check list of conditions that create  medical emergencies. Beyond their unstoppable energy and passion for continued research and exploration is the belief that their success to date does not begin to scratch the surface of the potential of diagnostics. Here is the heart of creativity.

These founders have kept working when they certainly could retire because work is life to them, and this work they are doing is noble. They are totally dedicated to the mission of making health care better and more affordable.

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By creating an abundance of value, they're changing our world. You can, too.

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