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Which Step Are You On? Let's All Climb All Eight!

How do I keep going when I want to quit?

Answer:  Get some rose-colored glassed.  Questions: Where are your rose-colored glasses?  Do you need a new pair?  

Boston: Meet Andy Wilson, founder of Boston Duck Tours. A Massachusetts Small Business Person of the Year, he turned three passions into a single business – his love of Boston, his respect for early American history, and the Charles River.

His business transformed the very nature of tourism in this olde towne of tradition. Andy combined little known history lessons with entertainment and views of city that only the insiders get to see... especially the ones from the middle of the Charles River. Learn about financing, tenacity, and vision from a person who focused on making his dream come true.

First, he wants us all to know the history of this country's early struggles for religious toleration, freedom, equality, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Learn how such passion moved him to quit his job and raise over $1M to launch this dream -- an 80-minute, historically-narrated tour from an authentic World War II amphibious landing craft.

Take the tour now as we wander the narrow streets of Boston and splash down onto the Charles River for the grand tour.

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Statue of Liberty
Step 1: Dreaming

Cowgirl Enterprises with Donna Baase
Step 2: Starting

NoUVIR Fiber optics
Step 3: Selling

Eric Rose Builders, Branford, Connecticut
Step 4: Growing

Trend Micro, David Perry
Step 5: Employing

Step 6: Scaling

Step 7: Sustaining

Opici Wines, Glen Rock, New Jersey
Step 8: Exiting

The first step:   Every solution to a problem begins with a person with an idea.
The second step:   You now involve another person to help shape the idea.
The third step:   You being to focus on creating a product (or service) and the processes to do it consistently. Once you have a prototype, you focus on your initial salesIt all becomes your passion and enlivens your thinking about everything you do.
The next five steps:   Constantly improve on the first three.   With continuity (creating order) that idea can become a business. Continuity is the first principle of life and business. It takes guts. This television show began as an idea, then became the longest-running series about best business practices in the history of television.

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