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Martin Luther King:
"Continue to work with faith... I have a dream today."

Do it better...  smarter, faster, cheaper.
Business creativity can trump all differences


Diversity in the workplace cultivates ideas.
You have the whole world in your genes. While the people of the world struggle to co-exist, here are workplaces where the dynamics of creativity override the deep, historic tensions between cultures and religions.

Creativity focused on creating something of value, monetized and extended in time, is far more valuable to people than the weight of historic prejudice, bigotry and even hatred.

And, herein is the spirit of hope and the future.

Continuous improvement and the bottom line. 

In business, government, and NGOs, transparency, authenticity and ethics are essential.  These are the only keys to our common future.  Add continuous improvement to the mix, and the results are explosive ideation and potentials for growth.

We are black. We are white. And, we are all colors in between.

Our DNA is 99.999% alike. Our differences are superficial.  We are all basically good and decent people. Yet, evil exists. The challenge of life is to be so transparent with an abundance of love in our heart, that we overpower the evil within and throughout our lives. Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud of these people.     More  (opens new window)

Step 1: Dreaming

Monica Morgan Photography
Step 2: Starting

Meet Milt Moses, founder, Community Insurance, Chicago
Step 3: Selling

SBA Small Business person of the Year, Mama Dip, aka Mildred Council
Step 4: Growing

Step 5: Employing

Step 6: Scaling

Step 7: Sustaining

Step 8: Exiting

1.  All segments of episodes on PBS-TV stations & the Voice of America-TV

2.  Log in. Please be our guest  It's all free.     You can register everyone in your business.   Just starting?  Do this reality check.    Growing?  Grow faster-better.   More...

3.  Self-study to develop Equity Models and an Exit Strategy.

Exit strategies push us to think about the equity in our business. Learn more...

4.  The Ethical Dilemma of Business

This television show has a rather simple starting point that begins with a the vision that has foundations based deep within the essence of integrity. Learn more...

5.   Teach the foundations of democracy and capitalism

Teach to imbue them within yourself.   Use this episode with Michael Novak as a starting point.  Have everyone watch and study each of the key ideas. Learn more...

If you would like to watch this episode end-to-end, (including others) click here.

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