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Marketing advice from John Wargo

John Wargo

Wargo & Company: John Wargo is one of the direct marketing experts in the USA. He knows everybody involved within direct marketing industries and he knows what works and what doesn't. Small business owners who apply John's insights, and those of the business owners upon which he focuses, will significantly increase their chances for success.

Marketing tells the story about the right product, offered in the right places, and offered at the right price,  that are promoted properly.   All that happens and the actual sales follow.

Marketing prepares the sale.

So, start with the product.  Without the right product, you're dead in the water.

Then John goes on to  tell  us that if you have the right product then proceed with the eight marketing functions.  To focus on the "Place" forces you to determine who you think your market is.  In part that also becomes a factor in your pricing.

The eight functions of marketing:
1. create awareness
2. build traffic
3. generate leads
4. qualify leads
5. sell directly
6. provide service
7. develop a customer dialogue
8. build loyalty

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The magic is in the formula of capitalism.   Ownership pushes one to set goals, to do it better with fewer mistakes, and to stretch and be creative.

Step 1: Dreaming

Joe Dannis, DawnSign Press, San Diego
Step 2: Starting

Glenn Walser, founder, Automated Foods
Step 3: Selling

Step 4:  Growing

Tires Plus, Tom Gegax, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Step 5: Employing

Ahmad Chebbani, founder, Omnex Accounting, with the Mayor of Dearborn, Michigan
Step 6: Scaling

Nicole Miller and Bud Konheim, founders, Nicole Miller Fashions, NYC
Step 7: Sustaining

Step 8: Exiting

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