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Last Update: Saturday September 25, 2021

Rodgers Chevrolet - Meet Pamela Rodgers and her team

Create wealth and good work for people.

Pamela Rodgers

Woodhaven, MI:  Pamela Rodgers is the owner of Rodgers Chevrolet.  We learn that key to her repeat business success is service. From her originally designed, colorful waiting area featuring a speedway theme to a team of highly skilled service advisers, Rodgers Chevrolet is a company that does not misfire  when it comes to building long-term relationships with customers. This is a team that's as well trained in the mechanics of human dynamics as they are the electronics of today's automobile engine. Keeping that relationship running smoothly is a matter of individualized communications where customer satisfaction is not an optional service.

Pamela's story is all the more unique in that she is one of the few women in the world to own a dealership in her own right. It wasn't passed on to her by her father or a husband, and she took a failing location and turned it around. Today, with a team of 85 employees Rodgers Chevrolet generates $73 million in revenue annually by selling nearly 200 and servicing as many as 1,200 cars per month.

In an industry defined by steel, rubber and oil, Pamela Rodgers is a woman in a man's world where it's more common to see grease under the fingernails than a French manicure. Yet, her philosophy has always been that the two are compatible, and that strong, smart leadership -- regardless of gender --  is what matters. As a product of an influential mentor herself, Pamela is intensely focused on the softer side of what it takes to sell cars, and she invests heavily in the raw materials--the people--in her business. From training to development to advancement, Pamela understands that business is all about providing good service to your customers---and employees.

Her dealership is a fine-tuned organization with capable women in critical jobs: business manager, parts manager, controller, and of course, sales. And, their placement is anything but gratuitous. Statistics show that women own or purchase 50% of all automobiles sold, and influence the purchase decision on 85% to 90% of all autos purchased. But, it's the quality of their experience at Rodgers Chevrolet that determines if and when they'll return. Judging from Pamela's track record, that happens more often than not and in the car business that is where the rubber meets the road.   

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Teach and Preach Service

2:35 | Play Now | Gerald Mroz is the service manager at Rodgers Chevrolet and we learn that profits in a car dealership are driven by service. 

Cater To The Real Customer

1:24 | Play Now | Women are well represented at Rodgers Chevrolet, mirroring the general population as influencers in the car purchase decision-making process.

Counsel Don't Sell

2:16 | Play Now | Brenda Woodruff, business manager at Rodgers Chevrolet, says advising is primary to the customer relationship.

Prepare Yourself

2:10 | Play Now | Pamela Rodgers knew that selling herself meant she had to be as smart about people as she was about the business.

Do What Others Won't Do

3:51 | Play Now | The Woodhaven Chevrolet dealership is now buzzing with customers and employees who run to provide service, but it wasn't always that way.

Target to Maximize Marketing

2:55 | Play Now | General manager Joe Posby keeps the direct mail flowing to keep customers coming in the door.

Make Service Your Backbone

1:44 | Play Now | Host Hattie Bryant distills the truth about Rodgers Chevrolet: great service cements the relationship that begins with the sale.

Make it a Priority to Create Wealth for Employees

3:49 | Play Now | Employees at Rodgers Chevrolet share in the success of the business with a great work environment, opportunities for growth and financial reward.

Be Nice

2:39 | Play Now | Employees at Rodgers Chevrolet are family where the love and support sustain them in good times and bad.

Keep Growing

0:50 | Play Now | Pamela Rodgers is rich now but she is still setting goals to keep herself learning and growing.