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Business is the most creative act of all.

- Ken Done

Sydney, Australia. Meet Ken Done. He has become one of Australia's most-beloved and respected artists with his own world-class following. We all struggle to master our talents and apply these talents in a meaningful way. That's life. And, that is how the best among us also define our work.

Meet a man who spent eighteen years mastering his craft and learning business skills. Then, he broke away to go down his own path.  Almost unwittingly he started a business through which he learned how to leverage his art in creative ways.

This business is a family businesses.

You meet Ken Done and his wife, Judy, and their daughter and son. Ken was never a starving artist yet he certainly paid his dues and now he has over  150 working within this family enterprise to make art affordable, sometimes wearable and  even whimsical.

Today you meet an artist who like so many others follows his own heart. Often there is a price to pay  among the art community's elite.  In the earlier days they were not gentle on this man and his work. But Ken Done stood firm within his vision, he persevered, and today even his critics are giving him his due.

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Step 1: Dreaming

Ahmad Chebbani, founder,Omnex Accounting, Dearborn, MI
Step 2: Starting

Joe T. Garcia Restaurant, Fort Worth, Texas
Step 3: Selling

Saris Bike Racks. Once known as Graber Products of Madison, Wisconsin
Step 4:  Growing

Yvonne LaFleur, founder, Yvonne LaFleurNew Orleans
Step 5: Employing

Nancy & Eric, Goshow Architects, NYC
Step 6: Scaling

Tires Plus, Tom Gegax, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Step 7: Sustaining

The promise, a ssculpture for XTO Energy aka Cross Timbers Oil & Gas, I will be back.
Step 8: Exiting

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