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To President Barack Obama

"Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital.    Capital is  only  the  fruit  of  labor, and could never have existed
if labor had not first existed.   Labor is the superior  of   capital,  and   deserves much the higher consideration."

- Abraham Lincoln, first annual message to Congress, December 3, 1861

Most recent update: Friday, August 17, 2012   (Click here to add your name and website to the co-signers list)
First-draft to small business owners: Wednesday, January 21, 2009   The day after the Inauguration. 
Please note that this letter below has been updated and mailed multiple times with no response.

TO:  The President of the USA
FM:  Concerned small business owners and small business advocates
RE:   Create jobs, create wealth, and make the world a better place

The point of this letter
is to advocate that you start a program whereby as President, you challenge Americans who are out of work to consider starting a business with the help of a micro-enterprise loan.  Attempting to build a business is far better than being unemployed.  We propose four Presidential Invitations:

1.  "If you are unemployed, I want you to consider starting a business."  Every adult American has an idea for a business, so challenge everyone who is unemployed to consider starting a business of their dreams.  You, Mr. President,  become their first mentor-teacher-advocate.  As part of your stimulus package, you get the SBA to set up a micro-enterprise loan program for the unemployed.  When they ask for a loan to start a business, they get it and they get much more.

2.  "I want you to get  help from experts." Let us assure some success among these future business owners.  Give them business advisers.  Turn on the nightlights of the SBA, the SBDCs, SCORE and all 75,000+ business coaches within the USA. Get all these people to shepherd at least one and as many as ten of these new micro-enterprise businesses. Get the local chambers of commerce involved.  Get the national trade associations involved.  That would be a jump start for the economy and for the rebirth of hope.  That is a profound kind of change that we all can believe in.

3.  "I want every person working within government to get involved. "  Ask every person who receives a check from the government  to be an advocate for new business starts in their neighborhood.   If every one in government were advocates for two or three small businesses, it could turn on the heart lights of all people. It is not too much work!  This is America.  We are in crisis.  Let's all pull together.

4.  "We'll make sure that you have healthcare options."   Many people within the Small Business School community have cautioned, "They have to have good healthcare options,"  and many advocate that you lead the way to reconsider Associated Health Plans among the mix of possibilities.

In summary:  The best capital infusion is to those people who first create a job for themselves and then create jobs for others.  We would hope as a result of this letter that you, the President of the USA, would challenge all Americans, in some way, to participate in  the American dream (yes, even in healthcare).

Of course, we wish you great wisdom, deep courage, and Godspeed.  Thank you.

Warmest regards,

- Small Business Owners and Advocates throughout the world

P.S.  There are plenty of good and decent role models among all businesses owners and leaders in every community who would be glad to pitch in and help. The focus of this website and the entire Small Business School family is to lift up the finest small business owners we can find as role models for each other and our children, and to learn their best business practices.

Small Business Co-signers:  This is a very partial list.  There are many more names that could and should be added.

     In search of answers:

      1.  On the US deficit
      2.  On the US Dollar
      3.  Business stimulus
      4.  Healthcare / Dream
      5.  On the Nobel Prize
      6.  Going back to 2008

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Adams, Barney, Palm Desert, CA and Plano, Texas, founder, Adams Golf
Alessi, Joe, founder, Alessi Alliance
Anderson, Ray, Redlands, California, founder, American Business Concepts
Armbruster, Lynda, Orange, California, Business & Marketing Professor, Santiago Canyon College
Borgal, Valerie, Tewksbury, MA, founder / owner Valerie Jeanne's Gallery
Browning, Terry, Woods Bay, MT, Owner / Partner, Woods Bay Grill
Bryant, Hattie, New Orleans, LA, Producer / creator, Small Business School, Ollie8,
Camber, Bruce, Boston, MA, founder/CEO, Small Business School, Private Business Channel
Caryl, Craig, founder, Los Angeles and Brooklyn, Doctor Marion (Elder Health Resources of America)

Drewelow, S. David, Head Coach, ActionCoach
Duguid, David R DDS, San Diego, Cosmetic Dentistry Of San Diego
Elias, Jim of Buffalo, Iowa, Elias MPR and professor of entrepreneurship, Muscatine Community College
Ezar, Steve, Managing Partner, Cranberry Township, PA , Standards Management International. LLC
Fillmore, Jeff, Lincoln, Nebraska, owner, J4K Cleaning Company,
Fitzgerald, Bob, Flores, Ismael, The Flores Company, Nevada

Gable, Kevin, Mason-Dixon Office products,  York, PA
Gbedema, Fatu, Georgetown, Guyana & Washington, DC, Global Ingenuity LLC
Getz, Ray, McDonald, OH, RayGetz Enterprises
Griffith, Michael, Santee, CA, owner, Michael Griffth Productions and MG Rentals
Hall, William, Dallas, Texas, Interactive Property Services, LLC
Halpin, Brooke, Malibu, California, Halperin House West Public Relations
Harcum, Thelma, Willingboro, NJ Harcum Enterprises
Hitz, Donna, Fenton, Michigan, Donna Hitz Auctions LLC, Garage Sale 360, Hitz Jewelry Consigments

Jurmain, Mary, Chairman, Eau Claire, WI, Reality Works Video
Kollaja, May, President, Corpus Christi, Imperial Mill & Fixtures
Konheim, Bud, New York City, founder Nicole Miller Fashions
Lewine, Richard S. Montgomeryville, PA, founder Achievement Alliance Corp. and Goaltrak
Lopez, John K. Chairman, Association for Service Disabled Veterans

Miller, Ed, founder, Fukui, Japan Japanese-American Language Institute
Miramont, Dr. David A.. Professor, Grand Rapids, MI Davenport University
Moed-Klein, Stacey, Hartford, CT, H.H. Ellis Technical High School
Mohammed, C.A-, Plano, TX and Bangalore, CRMit
Overcash, Don, President, Aurora, CO, Questra Med Communications

Pastori, Jo Ann, Jersey Shore, PA, glass artist, A Hot Glass Act
Pepperman, Ernest, Jersey Shore, PA, founder, Pepperman Construction, Inc.
Rodriquez, Johnny, Dallas, Texas, founder, Johnny Rodriquez Salon

Schell, Jim, Bend, Oregon founder, Opportunity Knocks (The OK Groups)
Thomson, Grace S., Henderson, NC, founder, Spanish Communication Services
Timms, Andrew R., Champaign, IL, founder, Spectra ART Enterprises
Ulrich, Dr. Henry T.,  Assistant Professor, Management Department,  University of Connecticut

White, Cindy, Phoenix, AZ, founder / owner, CiCi Bianca and Estelle, Inc.
Willingham, Ron, Phoenix, AZ, founder, LifeScript Learning and
Wrye , Kerrie, Corvallis, Oregon, founder / owner, Timeless Rhythms Studio
, Kevin, Novi, Michigan, Small Business Computer Solutions LLC
Zink, John, Lexington, Kentucky, Transylvania University,


We believe the heart of American capitalism is alive in today's pioneers and quiet heroes -- our country's 27 million small business owners -- those driven by courage, risk-taking, and independence.  Here are the most resilient job creators. And, none have been knocking on your door for a bailout.

Now about the unethical and self-serving Something truly remarkable is happening through technology.  Though there have been many downsides, the web's transparency is exponentially growing and we are quickly discovering that it is not big brother who is watching us.  We are all watching each other.  All of business will increasingly be vetted by all of us in the public square; and hopefully, we will all begin to turn our backs to the bad and begin to turn to those with authenticity, true transparency, integrity, morals and ethics.

New businesses will rise up when the arrogant and unethical collapse.

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You are invited to co-sign this letter.

Brief History: The first draft of the letter was written on January 21, 2009  (the day after the inauguration) and a second draft on February 10, 2009, the night of the first press conference.

This is a working,  collaborative letter: Click here to say,  "I'm In."  Co-sign the letter.     Review some of the emerging proposals.

After the April 25, 2009 revision of the letter, we started to invite new co-signers. We also invited everyone to think more critically about the spending habits and work habits of every person in Government, especially in Congress.

This letter may still be updated to improve it. The first 100 co-signers had suggestions. Now, we also are inviting people to help recruit more co-signers among all business owners and advocates.

If you would like to co-sign this letter, click here.  If you would like to suggest changes, please send along your pointed comments. Please send your  note to camber @

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