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Could Barack Obama invite the unemployed to start a business?

Make Customers Not Sales

Santa Fe, New Mexico:  Meet Buddy Roybal, founder and owner of Coronado Paint and Decorating along his wife and business partner, Irene.

has built such a strong reputation, in 2008 they did about $10 million in gross sales with almost no advertising.  Their reputation is everything.

Both Buddy and Irene work with  their 24 full-time employees and another 30 subcontractors plus a steady flow of customers. 

Coronado Paint and Decorating is a full-service decorating center that carries the top brands of paint, carpet, wood, blinds and the state’s largest selection of ceramic tile. 

Prior to launching his business in 1984, Buddy worked as a manager for Sherwin-Williams.

Buddy says, "Work hard, hard, hard... You can’t be afraid to clean bathrooms or sweep floors or clean windows...  You do everything."

Their mission translated to the bottom line is to make customers not sales. 

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He'd say, "Laid off?  Try creating your job by starting a business."

Why not?  We'll all help. Get everybody pulling together: An open letter to the President

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Everybody here  on this website has said, "If I don't do this my life will be incomplete."

An idea can change the course of history.  Every day on this television show, people say, "Be brave. Have courage."  If you have an idea that keeps you awake at night, that always comes up in conversations, then what are you waiting for?

Start on Step 1, move to step 2 and keep moving! These people were fired, laid off,
or quit big business in tough times.
They started a business and became successful.

Step 1: Dreaming

Meet Glenn Walser of Automated Foods
Step 2: Starting

Lorraine Miller, founder, Cactus & Tropicals, Salt Lake City
Step 3: Selling

Leonor Ferrer, founder, Ferrer Brokers, Otay Mesa, California
Step 4:  Growing

Pamela Rodgers, founder, Rodgers Chevrolet, Woodhaven, Michigan
Step 5: Employing

Meet Paul Scharfman of Specialty Cheese, Wisconsin
Step 6: Scaling

XTO's Chairman, Bob Simpson
Step 7: Sustaining

Meet Anne Beiler, founder, Auntie Anne's Pretzels
Step 8: Exiting

Step1-8: All of us

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