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Last Update: Saturday September 25, 2021

At the Enterprise Network - a legacy study of a business incubator

Find Venture Capital

Meet Vince Occhipinti, founder and managing director of the Woodside Fund in Silicon Valley.

Santa Clara and San Jose, California:  Silicon Valley is famous for technology startups and its goal is to never lose the distinction of being "the place" for innovation. The Enterprise Network (TEN) houses over a dozen start-ups working to bring new technologies to the marketplace. At TEN they find low-cost office space and mentors who guide them. You will meet the men who run the incubator and a number of the entrepreneurs who depend upon the leadership and camaraderie offered here.

According to the National Business Incubation Association, there are about 5,000 incubators worldwide. About 1,100 are in the USA. 

We chose this incubator because it became famous during the dot-com boom and it is situated  close to Stanford University. 

Stanford was early to the idea of technology licensing.  Technology licensing has assisted faculty and students in the process of launching companies which in turn have created thousands of jobs and brought millions of dollars into Stanford University.  Stanford enjoys the "success breeds success" principal so things are popping there.   In this program we go to the campus to see how one PhD student is working to commercialize his discoveries.

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TEN, Access Growth, Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, California

Try An Incubator

3:24 |   Play Now  |   Host Hattie Bryant discovers that entrepreneurs energize each other at a business incubator.

Find The Right Idea

2:53 |   Play Now  |   Entrepreneurs Brian Kissel and Venkat Krishnamurthy took us to the Stanford Engineering Venture Fund Laboratories to see their invention.

Establish A Board Of Directors

1:04 |   Play Now  |   Dan Mirich helps each entrepreneur at The Enterprise Network create a board of directors.

Find The Right Investors

3:04 |   Play Now  |   Brian Kissel says that when you look for investors go first to people who already understand your idea and how it might impact existing business.

Be Driven

4:19 |   Play Now  |   Joe Becker who runs The Enterprise Network says that entrepreneurs have to be driven to succeed.

Learn How Investors Think

2:50 |   Play Now  |   Fred Hoar was a founding member of Silicon Valley's Band of Angels.  You also meet Hans Severiens, founder of the band, on his right (our left).  They told us that angels find the stock market boring.

Find Venture Capital

2:27 |   Play Now  |   Vince Occhipinti explains how his firm makes investment decisions.

Think Big

3:39 |   Play Now  |   Bill Wiedemann raised $18 million with two rounds of venture capital.