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First Draft: Letter to President Obama from Small Business Owners

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Background:   This version reflects the unedited thinking of Bruce Camber, the founder/ CEO of Small Business School.  The current working version reflects the input from about 25 of the long-time members and supporters of the television show and this website.

First draft as it was sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2009

TO:  The President of the USA
FM:  Concerned small business owners
RE:   Create jobs, create wealth, and make the world a better place

The heart of American capitalism is alive in today's pioneers and quiet heroes -- our country's 27 million small business owners -- those driven by courage, risk-taking, and independence.  These people are the true job creators. We are not among the people who knock on your door today.  And certainly, we are not among  the banal, the bandits and the bullies within big business.

The banal among big business have not been leaders or problem-solvers; but now bankrupt, they come crying and whining.  

The bandits among big business have been raping their businesses and their people and it has all caught up with them.  Stockholders beware.  Why should the taxpayers bail out those who really should be on their way to jail.

The bullies among big business have been arrogant, aloof, callous and greedy.  It is not that they are intentionally criminals, but they are so out of touch with real realities and basic morality, their leadership has become a disaster.

Now, we surely have our own bandits and bullies within small business.  Their damage is very real, yet rarely do they try to rape and pillage  "legally" with the consent of our leaders.

Now, with the web's transparency exponentially growing, it will finally catch up to us all.  These three groups of people will  finally be vetted by all of us in the public square; and hopefully, we will all begin to turn our backs to the bad and begin to turn to those with authenticity, true transparency, integrity, morals and ethics.

New businesses will rise up when the arrogant and unethical collapse.

Turn on the heart-lights of the best within small business.

Instead of giving money for big business bailouts, turn on the nightlights of the SBA and the SBDCs and SCORE and all the business coaches of this country, and each person become responsible for shepherding ten new micro-enterprise businesses. That's a jumpstart.

Nobody who wants to work should ever be unemployed.  Every adult American has an idea for a business.  First, let's challenge everyone to get off the unemployment line and get them on a business creation line.  

Then, let's focus on those on the government dole. Have everyone  become a counselor or adviser of a new business start.  That could turn on the heartlights of all people.  Such activity would creatively engage government workers with bottom-line accountability.  It is not too much work!  This is America.

This was our homepage on Inauguration Day that follows up this statement:

The best capital infusion is to those people who first create a job for themselves and then create jobs for others.  We would hope as a result of this letter that you, the President of the USA, would challenge American’s out of work to think about starting a business. Micro-enterprise loans to build a business is a far better use of money than unemployment checks. Money that defaults here is better spent because it has been used to encourage creativity and insightful thinking rather than the hand ringing involved with unemployment compensation.

Of course, we wish you great wisdom, deep courage, and Godspeed,

-the people of Small Business School

PS. If you would like to co-sign this letter, click here.  If you would like to suggest changes, I would enjoy hearing from you as well.
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