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How do you stand out in the crowd? ...survive these times?

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Fort Worth:  Remember when oil was $9 per barrel?  Bob Simpson and Steve Palko do.  They founded Cross Timbers Oil & Gas in Fort Worth at the same time others were getting out of the business. These two visionaries with a long range plan  teach us all what it means to take calculated risks.

Palko was the  VP of Engineering for Southland when there was a hostile take over of the company.  As a reminder to everyone in their newly-formed venture, one of the first things he did was to buy the "I'll be back" bronze.   And, surely, they did come back with a vengeance!

On December 14, 2009, ExxonMobil bought the company for $41 billion dollars.   Here is The American Dream  come true.  When you watch this episode, you'll feel the confidence that only comes from going through a lot of pain and learning deeper lessons about life.

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Capitalize on your unique gifts and talents. These people have!

What can you learn from a truly great chef?   ...from these master retailers (below)?

Thanh Lam, founder, Ba-Le Bakery, Honolulu
How do I start?

Who do I tell?

How do I sell?

What's next?

Who do I hire?

RJ Duffy, CFO, Gadabout SalonSpas, Tucson
Can I scale this?

Gary Salomon, founder, FastSigns, Carrollton, Texas
Who'll take over?

Then, what's next?

Videos from this television show about best business practices:

You are not a business until you create something of valueSelling and servicing customers drives that value equation. That's the heart and soul of capitalism.   To go further, there are over 180 videos about retail  and  over 70 about restaurants.

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